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Defender Picks


Mailbag: Frenchmen Poet's Plea for Help

This fall, the growing safety concerns on Frenchmen Street resulted in the creation of the Frenchmen Street Patrol. While many locals applauded the move, street poet Heath Stevens is concerned that the stepped up police presence is stifling artistic expression. He explains his view in a letter to the editor.

NOPD Respond to Four Deaths

The New Orleans Police Department responded to four deaths in a 24 hour span. Three of the victims were described as unclassified deaths with minimal or no suspicion of foul play according to authorities. However, the final fatality is being investigated as a homicide.

Crime Bits: Mischief Night Edition

On Mischief Night (10.30), the boys in blue were forced to respond to several cases of vandalism, but not very much hard crime. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) released Friday’s Major Offense Log (MOL) and there were only three serious offenses logged on the busy night. Mind you, they were Armed Robbery, Aggravated Rape, and Carjacking.

CA Cyclist Paralyzed After Beating on Frenchmen

The much ballyhooed Frenchmen Safety Patrol started last week, but the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) is still trying to solve some older crimes. On October 15th, a visiting cyclist was left paralyzed after a fight with a motorist according to the Department.

Marigny Mugging Off of Frenchmen

It’s not just the prices on Frenchmen that have escalated in the post HBO era. The area around the Street is seeing an uptick in crime. Police say that on Friday (5.23) a man was mugged just a block off the booming entertainment strip.

Today in NOLA: 5.13.15

The weather is beautiful. So, get your blankets ready for some funk at Wednesday at the Square. If you’re looking for something harder, head uptown for Indonesian Grind “assault” Core or take the trip to Frenchmen for some more traditional NOLA music. On this day in 1938, Louis Armstrong and his orchestra recorded “When the Saints Go Marching In,” in New York. Now, more to do this Wednesday.

Today in NOLA: 5.04.15

The Fest has passed, but some of the celebration lingers. A mini-parade and a mini-fest are both in store. Locals are returning to their weekly gigs but some out-of-towners are still laying down the funk. On this date in 1970, author T.H. Williams won a Pulitzer Prize for his biography on Huey Long. Now, more to do before it gets too late.

'Gutterpunk Roundup'

Your leftovers are safe for a few days. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) say that 28 people were arrested on Friday (3.27) night “to address recent nuisance violation complaints.” Supportive residents are calling it something else: “a gutterpunk roundup.”

Today in NOLA: 3.03.15

Today’s events include a little exercise for the grey matter. Jesmyn Ward is reading uptown. Downtown, a satire about race is screening. On Frenchmen, a true bluesman is sharing his unique sound. On this day in 1995, LSU mascot Mike IV was put down after 20 years and 9 months, 14 of which were spent representing Louisiana State University. Now, more to do on this sunny Tuesday. 

Two Shootings on Popular Marigny Streets

Updated 13:47

The bookends of two popular downtown entertainment strips were the scenes of a pair of shootings on Thursday (1.29) afternoon and Friday (1.30) morning. The triangular intersection of Decatur, Frenchmen, and Esplanade saw a fight turn ugly. Franklin Avenue at St. Claude was the scene of a drive-by.

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