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Defender Picks


Carnival Crook From Down Under?

Not all of New Orleans crime is homegrown. Minutes after an alleged burglary in the French Quarter, the New Orleans Police Department arrested a 30 year old Aussie for the crime.

Closed Quarter: Mardi Gras Traffic Restrictions

Driving during Carnival is a bad idea. Driving in the Quarter during Carnival is virtually impossible. Beginning at 6:00p.m. today (2.13), the City will enact the annual lockdown of the Vieux Carre.

Jump Start: Police Chase Down Alleged Car Thief In Quarter

Despite an under-staffed New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), the French Quarter during Carnival is swarming with law enforcement. One man apparently did not read that release. Police arrested Edward Pilot for Simple Burglary, Auto Theft and Criminal Damage to Property minutes after he was accused of committing those crimes in the Upper Quarter on Tuesday (2.10).

Barking Up the Right Tree

By Sharon Pye

On Sunday (2.09), the canine krewe Barkus rolled throught the French Quarter. The parade is a perennial favorite. The only thing more fascinating than the dogs in costumes are the spectators out to watch the pageant of puppies. NoDef dispatched two photographers to capture all of the action. Check out part one of the piece below.

Three Dead on Sunday

Three men died on Sunday (2.09), but there were no guns involved and the deaths do not look to be the result of criminal actions. This morning, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) issue the daily Major Offense Log offering details of the crosstown demises.

Poppin' Bottles

Krewe of Cork in Photos

Krewe of Cork rolled through the French Quarter on Friday (2.6.) Traditionally, members marched dressed to mimic their favorite libations. They toted glasses of wine and donned cork encrusted capes as onlookers marvelled at their spritely attire. And, yes, there was some imbibing as well.

Person of Interest Identified Quarter Robbery

Last week (1.28), a group of good Samaritans failed to stop an armed robbery on the 1100 block of Bourbon. However, the multitude of witnesses provided the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) with some solid clues. Today, detectives named a person of interest in the incident.

Mailbag: Bikes on Basin

One reader is very angry about bikers’ rights, particularly the lane on Basin Street. Douglas Duckworth writes to the media and the City to air his concerns about imminent dismemberment if the situation is not remedied. Colonel Mark Jernigan responds to his concerns and offers action from his department.

Mule Dies in Quarter Causing Minor Delays

The Quarter is not a car friendly neighborhood. Aside from pedestrians in the streets and swerving tourists gripping hand grenades, those who make the mistake of taking their car into the Vieux Carré often gripe about being stuck behind a buggy. On Monday (1.19), one carriage briefly caused additional traffic delays when a mule died in the street.

Of Waves And Rallies

Opinion: Crime Hits Home

A wave is something that leaves as easily as it came. It’s something you ride out, or simply ride. When a big wave passes, you rebuild your sand castle, maybe a little further from the shore, and go back about your day at the beach. I’m not sure we can call the violent crime in New Orleans a “wave” anymore.

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