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Defender Picks



August 2nd

Satchmo Summerfest
Old U.S. Mint, 11:45a.m.
Last day to jam at Summerfest


Dave Hause
Gasa Gasa, 8p.m.
Philly punk singer


Breathe Carolina
Republic, 8p.m.
Electronic rock from Denver


A Clockwork Orange
The Prytania, 10p.m.
Classic dystopian crime film


Nola Comedy Hour
Hi-Ho Lounge, 8p.m.
Get in your last weekend laughs

No Alibi

It gets pretty gritty late night on Iberville Street. Confirming that sentiment, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) are reporting that two men are in the hospital after an early morning bar fight on Monday (3.16). Police said that the fight occurred at 811 Iberville which is the address of the Alibi.

Today in NOLA: 3.13.15

Rain or no rain, St. patrick’s Day weekend is kicking off and the schedule is packed. Parades begin tonight in the Quarter. Up the river, BUKU fest kicks off. For those who prefer opera to EDM, Lucia starts her run at the  Mahalia Jackson Theater. For locals looking for a different type of classic, Stones Fest is tonight at Tip’s. On this day in 1815, General Andrew Jackson called off martial law in New Orleans following the War of 1812. Now, more to do this Thursday. 

Drinking Culture

Cosimo's, a Neighborhood Bar in the Quarter

Gentle reader, the regular grid of the French Quarter imposes like the framework of a stage upon our winding and unruly place in the world. Many a tale has seen its hour atop the broken planks of this rare scaffold. And many in these cynical days think to see only buffoonery and beads out of season. But let us direct our attention stage left. Look away from the bustle of Canal Street and the drunken rubery of Upper Bourbon. Peer instead into the sleepier corners of the Lower Quarter. Take a drink or two, dear friends, and reflect upon our composition in as true a neighborhood bar as exists anywhere in New Orleans: Cosimo’s.  

Celtic Swagger

Details & Routes for St. Patrick's Day Parades

It may be raining today, but the Irish are giving New Orleanians a reason to hope for sun this weekend. St. Patrick’s Day alone is cause for three of the City’s favorite parades. In the Quarter, Jim Monaghan’s St. Patrick’s Day rolls for the 33rd time. Uptown, expect a raucous time at the Irish Channel Parade, and the Downtown Irish Club Parade, an old school classic will cap it off. Details and routes follow.

Hemingway's Loop

by Ashley Rouen

While the smoking ban passed with flying colors, it’s still creating some upset and confusion in the community, particularly for cigar bars since no definition of a cigar bar currently exists in city law. Though cigar bars were grandfathered in when the smoking ban passed (meaning existing cigar bars may continue to operate but no new cigar bars can be created,) one such bar, La Habana Hemingway Cigar Bar located in the French Quarter, got some special treatment on Thursday at the City Council’s Regular Meeting (2.26.)

Cold Crime

The recent temperature drop has been particularly hard on the homeless. One of NOLA's neediest suffered a particularly Dickensian disaster. He was allegedly beaten and robbed while trying to sleep in the cold by the river on Monday (2.23) night.

Second Lines: Police Link Quarter Graffiti to Carnival March

Mardi Gras walking parades are a fixture of Carnival season. Graffiti is not a fixture in the French Quarter. In fact, a conviction for tagging a historic building carries jail time in Louisiana. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) now says that one “impromptu march” on Bacchus Sunday involved graffiti on a pair of well known Quarter buildings.

Open & Shut Case

One man was looking for motorists who left the door open to crime, literally. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) is tracking down a man suspected of committing two burglaries on the 900 block of Ursulines Avenue and attempting several more.

Drinking Culture

All On A Mardi Gras Day

Gentle reader, I write to you from Wednesday with a sore jaw and the taste of ashes in my mouth.  The first dawning after our great festival ever warms a melancholy day.  For never within the year’s reach are we further from another Mardi Gras Day. My friends, we idle for a day together upon the collective couch, amidst the world’s greatest hangover. But be not dismayed: yesterday I was a wizard, and you a king, and you a unicorn, and that other guy was a dung beetle pushing a shopping cart enveloped in a huge piece of papier-mâché feces down Gov. Nicholls.  Yesterday our imaginings rained down like water upon the dry earth of our reality, new-storing those ideas of what it means to live in New Orleans.

Carnival Crook From Down Under?

Not all of New Orleans crime is homegrown. Minutes after an alleged burglary in the French Quarter, the New Orleans Police Department arrested a 30 year old Aussie for the crime.

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