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Defender Picks


NoDef Nods: Politics

13 Stories from 2014, and 5 to Watch in the New Year

On the political scene, New Orleans saw some old names like Ray Nagin and Charles Foti return in 2013. Meanwhile, BP and Bobby kept the Bayou State in the national spotlight once again. Peruse all of 2013's top stories, and grab a handful for the new year on the way out:

Shell Backs Off Natural Gas Plant Plans

One of the string of recent economic development deals in the South Louisiana energy sector won't be happening as initially advertised. Shell announced Thursday that they are canceling plans for a gas-to-liquids plant in Ascension Parish, and shutting down all operations related to the facility's development. Plans were first announced for the natural gas production plant in September.

Act-ivism: Social Change Film Festival Begins in New Orleans

A new festival is in town, and the celebration has nothing to do with music, food, or drunken antics. The Social Change Film Festival began last year in Bali, but the 2nd annual SCFF made its home a long way from Indonesia, right here in the Big Easy. Today through Sunday, venues across the city will host films and discussions dealing with an issue all too familiar to New Orleanians—water.

Fracking Us Out

Since the natural energy resources in the water haven't done enough damage, we now must turn to the land. Or, at least, far below the land. Thanks to new scientific developments, natural gas can be extracted from the depths of the Earth through a process called hydraulic fracturing - better known as fracking. Some of the prime pockets of this new method are on display in North Louisiana, representing potential new income from the energy industry. Just what we love around here, right? Well, leave that shovel up for now. As always, there are tradeoffs.

Magnolia Special

Alt Energy Car, Louisiana Style

JT Nesbitt has been building motorcycles since he was in college. In fact, it's what got him kicked out of the fine art program at Louisiana Tech. (He repeatedly submitted motorcycles for part of his level 400 class.) After Katrina he began building cars, the culmination of which is the Magnolia Special. A hand-crafted car powered by natural gas, the Magnolia Special takes it's DNA from the pre-war Alfa Romeo and the cars of W.O Bentley with a little Bugatti and American hot rod sprinkled in.

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