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Defender Picks


Mary Landrieu Measure Seeks to Address Red Snapper Row

Update 4:30 p.m.

A wonder lasts but nine days, but that's not enough time for red snapper season, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu and a Gulf Coast colleague argue. In an attempt to reel in the feds' authority over how long recreational anglers are permitted to fish for red snapper, Landrieu and U.S. Sen. Tom Wicker (R-Miss.) offered an amendment Wednesday that would give authority over red snapper stocks to the states.

Landrieu: State's National Wildlife Refuges to See More Hunting, Fishing

by Liz Davas

Today is a good day for Louisiana’s hunter and anglers. U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu's office announced that she has successfully secured a commitment from the Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service to expand hunting and fishing oppurtuinites within the state's National Wildlife Reserves. 

Government Shutdown a Drag on Hunting, Fishing

Does the government shutdown mean Sportsman's Paradise Lost? As the partial closure of federal departments drags on, Louisiana hunters will have less room to roam, and the state is set to lose serious funding, advocates for National Wildlife and Fisheries agencies and representatives from various hunter/angler groups said.

Geaux Fish!

Audubon Aquarium Deals LA Seafood an Ace

New Orleanians are all well-acquainted with the many methods for getting Louisiana seafood from the market to the mouth, but a new exhibit at the Audubon Aquarium is looking to show what happens before the feast.

Bass Everywhere: Rodeo, Fishtival Reel in City Park

The rodeo is coming to town, but here in the Sportsman's Paradise you have to commit a pretty bad crime to get involved in the calf-roping variety. Fish wranglers will take to New Orleans' playground Saturday in search of the bass. Known as the oldest freshwater fishing contest in the nation, the 66th Annual Big Bass Rodeo will welcome fishing amateurs and aficionados young and old to City Park to get their lines wet in this time-honored tradition in the park lagoons.


Enjoying a Fresh Louisiana Catch: A Guide for the Boatless

Living in New Orleans, you might someday find yourself the recipient of a fish gift, if you haven’t already.  

Feds: 2011 Gulf Fisheries Post Biggest Catch Since 1999

If a new federal report is accurate, it looks like Gulf fish have been listening to Ronnie LaMarque. A year after the Big Oozy, the Gulf of Mexico marine life showed that they were, in a word, resilient, as fishers reeled in the biggest catch since 1999  according to a new federal report. Louisiana yielded the second highest seafood totals in the nation, with 1.5 billion pounds recorded.

Oozy Not Easy

It's been a few days since we saw the Oil Spill topping page A1; so, it must be all over, we can just forget about it. Or not! Jerry Moran of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN)  has taken some very depressing photos since the capping to remind us just how much of a problem remains. [VIA]

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