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Defender Picks


Decatur Kitchen Blaze

By Ashley Rouen

It’s not every day a French Quarter fire ignites. At 9:15a.m. Wednesday morning, sirens blared through the streets of the Quarter, while clouds of smoke billowed out of the Decatur St. restaurant, Fiorella’s and into the surrounding neighborhood. Wind coming off the river blew the singing haze across the Lower Quarter, stretching as far as Rampart St.

Tiger Ban

LSU students will be soon be heading back to campus, but they will not be heading back to the future. The university announced a temporary ban on so-called “hoverboards” and asked returning students to leave them at home.

Yule Logs

NOFD's Annual Lists of Holiday Safety Tips

Inevitably, holiday merry making sometimes devolves into a mess making. Beyond the potential for a holiday hangover, Christmas catastrophes can sometimes be serious, even deadly. So, the New Orleans Fire Deaprtment (NOFD) once again issued their annual list of holiday safety tips.

(Green) Wave Goodbye

Les Miles is not the only college football coach in Louisiana to come under pressure after a disappointing results. Tulane’s Curtis Johnson is out of a job after posting back-to-back 3-9 seasons.

Les Mess Spurs Conflicting Reports

Les Miles has never been easy to understand. Deciphering the meaning of the Mad Hatter’s press conferences pressers and quips has been a nearly academic pursuit spurring different schools and factions. So, it is no surprise that experts are split on his latest comments. Miles may have announced his departure from LSU today… then again, he might not have.

Ryan's Last Round

Updated 2:35p.m.

Rob Ryan and the City of New Orleans seemed like a perfect fit. Ryan relished the local food, bought rounds at Mae’s, and took strolls around the Quarter. The only problem for the Saints Defensive Coordinator was, well, the Saints’ defense. Today (11.16), Fox Sports reported that Black n’ Gold fired Ryan ending the agony (and the occasional ecstasy).

Deadly Blaze in Algiers

Tragedy struck in Algiers early on Tuesday (10.06) morning. A house fire claimed the life of one man and injured another according to the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) 

Brawl Monitor

Hutson Responds to OIG Attack

Alan Moore is smiling somewhere. His question, “Who watches the watchmen?” provides a quick summary of the most recent question in New Orleans government. On Tuesday (9.29), New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux publicly released an intense letter demanding that the Ethics Review Board fire Independent Police Monitor Susan Hutson for "ethical misconduct and unprofessional conduct.” At 11p.m. on Wednesday (9.30) night, Hutson fired back with a letter of her own.

Red Card: Racist Texts Cost ATC Agent His Job

Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Commissioner Troy Hebert is not a man who takes rules lightly, especially in his own house. On Wednesday (8.19), Hebert fired ATC agent supervisor Brette Tingle for a laundry list of infractions including threatening, racial, and sexual text messages found on a state-issued cell phone and falsification of payroll documents, stemming from GPS reports on his state vehicle.

NOFD Says Don't Be a Hoser, Be Safe on the 4th

It's the Fourth of July which means lots of fire. It's also time for the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) to weigh in with their annaul reminders about safety. First and foremost, NOLA's Bravest urge citizens to leave the pyrotechnics to the pros. The guys with the hoses also remind locals that reckless grilling can sometimes end in disaster especially after a few frosties.

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