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Defender Picks


Up in Smoke

The Lawsuit, Enforcement, Vaping, & a Party on the Eve if the Ban

New Orleans nightlife is about to change. Councilmember LaToya Cantrell likens the shift the integration of Carnival. Others liken it to the government’s history of fiscal mismanagement. Either way, on Tuesday (4.21), smoking indoors will be illegal in NOLA. But what about that lawsuit? How is anyone going to enforce this law? And, where’s the party? NoDef has your answers.

Inspector General: Court Broke the Law; Court: Why Don't You Fix It?

When Mayor Mitch announced how badly the city was strapped for cash, visions of our man wheeling the family piano down to Royal St. and playing for tips on the weekends weren't far behind. But why do the work yourself when the Inspector General is there to do it for you? In the IG's latest report, Ed Quatreveaux's office found the city's Municipal Court does not turn over $1.2 million as required by law. The sizable chunk of change is collected from fines and fees people pay for breaking the law. Instead of giving the money to the city, the court adds the money onto its $3 million operating budget. Last year, the court used some of the money to purchase a leather seat upgrade for a judge's city-owned vehicle, the report said.

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