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Defender Picks


Ansari Gives Full One Percent to Playing Jindal

In Louisiana, Bobby Jindal has long provided comic fodder. Recent single digit poll numbers have given national comics a few opportunities to get in on the fun(nies). In a Wednesday (11.04) night segment, Jimmy Fallon interviewed Jindal. More to the point, Fallon interviewed Aziz Ansari playing Jindal. 

Vitter Fight

The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Republican Jay Dardenne crossed party lines today to endorse Democrat John Bel Edwards in the runoff election against Senator David Vitter. 

Grasping At Straw Polls

To most political pundits, Bobby Jindal’s campaign for the presidency is looking increasingly quixotic. However, Candidate J retorts that he is tilting at Iowa, not windmills. The GOP contenders descended on the Hawkeye state for the annual Growth and Opportunity Party today and Bobby J was in rare form.

Kiddy Table Again

Call it a “Trump card,” but the characters involved in the 2016 Republican primary have resulted in record ratings for the G.O.P. debates. On Tuesday (10.27) night, CNBC is hoping to milk the trend for some Nielsen numbers of their own. However, Bobby Jindal will not share in the bounty. Candidate J has one again been relegated to the kiddy table.

Going Ballot-istic

Election Results In: Edwards, Vitter Head to RunOff

The polls are closed, the votes are counted, and the elction held few surprises in the outcome, but a couple in the numers. As expected, John Bel Edwards will be heading to a runoff with David Vitter. However, Vitter's 23 percent is much lower than expected for the favorite and Edwards' 40 percent is providing some promise to Team Blue Dat. Locally, the Quarter tax easily won approval. Click on through for full results. 

Election Selection

Ballot for October 24th

Early voting has begun, but most Louisianans will visit the ballot box on Saturday (10.24). The gubernatorial race is snagging the headlines, but there are plenty of other choices to make. On a local front, there is a BESE seat up for grabs and residents will decide whether to create a special sales tax in the French Quarter. Know before you go! Cick on through for a look at the ballot.

Jindal's Jam

If nothing else, Bobby Jindal is consistent. Candidate J’s campaign finances are a mess rivaled only by the state of the Louisiana budget. This week the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released candidate filings for the quarter ending September 30th and Jindal is on a perilous perch. His campaign is sitting with just under 261,000 dollars in spending money.

Early Voting Begins Today

Louisiana’s “jungle primary” means that citizens will likely have to wait several months until they know who their next governor is. However, the election finally begins today. For those who don't want to wait until October 24th to cast a ballot, early voting begins today in Orleans Parish. Four locations, including City Hall, are open. 

Trump's Duck In Hand

Bobby Jindal does not have much support at home. Now, the Candidate J is losing followers from his small base. This week, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson defected from Candidate J to the Trump camp.

Scalise Eyes Leader's Office

Steve Scalise is trying to switch jobs and it’s not because of David Duke’s threat to challenge him in the next election. The House Whip is eyeing the bigger digs assigned to the House Majority Leader after John Boehner announced plans to retire from Congress.

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