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Defender Picks


Guillory Rants About N-Word (Video)

State Senator Elbert is a Democrat turned Republican running for Lieutenant Governor. He explained his 2013 party switch by comparing the Democratic Party to slavery and a plantation. If that was not enough controversy, a few weeks ago Guillory ran a campaign quote that included a LBJ with the N-word. Responding to criticism of that commercial, Guillory doubled down and released a new ad in which he drops the N-bomb seven times.

The Daily Show Discovers Chicken Boxing in La. (VIDEO)

The Louisiana legislature was in a fowl mood this session, earning two state senators a spot on The Daily Show Thursday night. Jon Stewart dispatched correspondent Al Madrigal to Louisiana to discover the subtleties of chicken boxing with State Sen. Elbert Guillory. New Orleans-based State Sen. J.P. Morrell also got some air time as a result of his authorship of a bill that expands the state's cockfighting ban. Video:

Elbert Guillory Explains Party Switch, 'Government Plantation' (VIDEO)

Recently, State Sen. Elbert Guillory became the latest Louisiana pol to pull the party switch, making the Democratic state senator a Republican one. Now, weeks after that switch was announced, Guillory released a video on "Why I'm a Republican." 

Dem-agogue: State Sen. Elbert Guillory Joins GOP

State Sen. Elbert Guillory of Opelousas made the switch from Democrat back to Republican official Friday, becoming the latest in a long line of La. Dems to defect for the GOP. The news didn't sit well with Democrats. In fact, the party released a statement of its own on the subject, and they’re not taking it well.

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