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Defender Picks


Promotin’ the General Welfare

The Monuments are Gone — Now What?

Well, the day after the monuments came down has come to pass, and I have to tell ya: it feels pretty… anticlimactic. Not that I thought there would be more drama, not that we needed more fodder for the national media for what was, basically, a smart business move by the Mayor. But now comes the hard part. Forgetting the news coverage and the protests, and the impotent charade of failed civil unrest brought to us by concerned neighbors from nearby parishes and states, where is the plan laid out that addresses how we move forward? It would have been a timely presentation to make, accentuating the positive in this graduation season. 

Promotin’ the General Welfare: Segregation in New Orleans Schools

Earlier this month, Tulane University's Education Research Alliance for New Orleans declared that the city's public schools are as segregated as ever. Tulane's study found that post-Katrina education reforms affected segregation — particularly among high school students.  

Slight Court

Federal Judge Smacks Down Jindal's Common Core Suit

Bobby J is busy prepping for this afternoon’s kiddie table debate in California, but this morning a federal judge in Baton Rouge handed the candidate a major defeat. Judge Shelly Dick ruled against Jindal’s efforts to block Common Core.

Quit Your Fossin'

UNO Prez Peter Fos Steps Down

During his two and a half tenure as president of the University of New Orleans (UNO) Peter Fos has overseen a series of high profile cuts. On Monday (8.31), the university chief announced one more cut: himself. Fos will step down as President on January 1, 2016.

John White Rips Grey Lady

Commissioner John White is transplanted from the New York City school system to Louisiana. However, there is no love lost between the State Superintendent of Schools and the paper of record in his old town. On Sunday (8.23), White released an open letter tearing into one of the Old Grey Lady’s op-eds.

(Mary) Landrieu on Jindal: Hypocrite, Shameful, Self Promoter

Mary Landrieu may have moved from the Senate to K Street, but she still has some thoughts on politics both nationally and locally. Bobby Jindal aims to sit at the intersection of those realms, and former Senator was not shy about her opinion of da Gov’ in a recent interview. Simply put, Landrieu is not impressed or as she phrased it, “Bobby Jindal is a hypocrite. He’s shameful and he’s a self promoter. And, everyone in Louisiana knows this.”

LSU Says No Exigency Yet

News that Louisiana State University (LSU) would file for financial exigency has caused a stir with many residents. It also caused a stir with LSU who says that the reports are not accurate. A pair of statements from the school this morning (4.24) clarifies that LSU has not begun the “process of filing for financial exigency,” but is continuing to “explore a wide range of contingency plans.”

White's Flight

Louisiana education Superintendent John White is no stranger to controversy. Over the course of his tenure, White has served as both Bobby J’s hand-picked man and as da Gov’s nemesis on Common Core. Now, it was announced that White will also be taking the reins at Chiefs for Change, an educational policy advocacy group.

Slash & Burn

Legislature OK's Another $36.4 Mil in Cuts

The old saying goes, “The first cut is the deepest.” Yet, in the case of Louisiana’s budget, it seems that the cuts just keep coming. On Friday (2.20), the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee approved their $36.4 million portion of the $60.7 million budget cut proposed by Bobby Jindal’s office.

A for Effort? Bobby J Rolls Out National Education Plan

Bobby Jindal is no stranger to the education debate. He also knows a thing or two about setting up a national campaign without declaring a bid for office. Today, da Gov’ combined the habits, rolling out his plan to “fix” education in America at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington D.C.

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