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Krewe of Muses Float Riding Spot in eBay Auction

With Cleopatra moving over from the West Bank and Nyx riding the night before, the Krewe of Muses have some new femme company at night on St. Charles Ave. However, a spot with the famed all-female krewe remains coveted. The Muses are once again offering one bidder a chance to skip to the front of the wait list by auctioning off a seat on one of their famed floats.

Krewe of Muses Auctions Float Seat, Zeus Announces Harem Buy-In Program

Despite the debaucherous circus that passes when Carnival parades go by, it's no secret that obtaining a spot on one of the floats is the stuff of hard-nosed ambition and good old-fashioned statusmongering. With dues in the thousands and balls the places to be seen, there's no shortage of elbowing in the line to get behind a mask and drunkenly toss plastic crap at people. This year, however, the all-female Krewe of Muses is offering someone the chance to bypass all the cavorting, and win a spot on one of their floats. All can be attained through sheer dedication to the Refresh button. The Krewe is auctioning off a float spot on eBay for their March 3 parade.

Mard... eBay

    Even Yats who opt to forgo the parades for a grillout or a staycation in front of the television can not hep but finding themselves in posession of those iconic plastic beads. So, as the excitement of Carnival subsides, we are left wondering what the hell to do with these things. 

    The easiest answer is the garbage. The truly unmotivated will let them sit about tangled and forlorn on the floor for months. Conversely, the truly motivated will take their loot to the Salvation Army. However, somewhere between lies the purgatory that is ebay. The online retailer lists thousands of Mardi Gras lots; almost 500 for doubloons alone. 

    We took a look at the market.

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