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Defender Picks


Damn Sure Better than Rain: National Moonshine Day

Today (6.05) is National Moonshine Day. Once known as the domain of rednecks and hillbillies, moonshine’s appeal expanded into hipsters over the last few years. If all three of those demographics lack appeal for you, fear not. NoDef spoke with Cane & Table’s Nick Detrich, the People’s Publican, to learn about the meat of the matter, not the marketing.

Drinking Culture

Getting Well Done at Yo Mama's

Gentle reader, if someone’s mother is indeed responsible for this French Quarter establishment, the social services should have stepped in long ago and relieved her of progeny. It is a strange place, my friends. But the only place I can get my “fix,” as they say. Nothing else will do. So be resigned, and creep with me like a scurrilous junky to score a dram of mescal and a peanut butter hamburger at Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill.

Drinking Culture

Homedale Inn Provides Shelter from the Storms in Lakeview

Gentle reader, I wandered alone through the purple moor of Lakeview. Memorial Day had been swallowed up in a dense and silent gloom. A thunderstorm the size of Alabama hurtled toward the city from Texas and I needed a place to hole up. Friends, entering into an ancient neighborhood bar for the first time can be an unsettling business – being a strange face out of the storm. But I was in need of shelter, and by lucky chance, at the door of the Homedale Inn.

Summer Sipping

Paul Gustings Talks Cocktails to Beat the Heat

Summer demands some libations to quench one’s thirst. So, NoDef turned to Empire Bar at Broussards’ Paul Gustings. The beverage director at the storied French Quarter destination offered up some suggestions, but as he likes to say, “I do everything contrary to everyone else.” Gustings on garnishes? “I don’t understand the point.” Gustings on tasting his products? “Why? I know when I’ve made a good drink.” Gustings on his one new-age affinity, acid phosphate? “It’s good for you.”

Run for the Rouse's (Mint Julep Recipes)

Derby Day is nearly upon us. Any fan of the ponies will tell you that the run for the roses is as much about drinks as it is about the horses. And, it’s not just about drinks; it's about one drink: the Mint Julep. NoDef turned to the CureCo krewe for some innovative takes on the classic julep. Recipes follow.

Drinking Culture

Pal's Lounge, Mid City's Living Room

Gentle reader, at the six month point of my chronicle, I found myself wondering again at the qualia of a good local bar – its essential nature. A half bottle of Pernod later, I declared myself unequal to the task. Mine is but to see and to say, and no more. So it was that this sunny Sunday past, I walked into a sleepy corner of Bayou St. John. My friends, in lieu of pontification at this milestone, I offer my thousand-odd words as picture of a place: this, an abstract of a neighborhood, Pal’s Lounge in Mid City.   

Full Force in MidCity

Bars, Parties, & Specials Along Endymion's Route

Carnival pros have their spots staked out on the uptown parade route, sometimes for generations. However, Endymion rolls on a different path. MidCity presents a separate set of bars and bathrooms for bead-catchers to frequent. NoDef committed a handy list of venues and specials to check out.

Drinking Culture

Escaping Carnival at Mick's Irish Pub

Gentle reader, minor collapses are to be expected. Nay! Welcomed.  Kindly catastrophes of body and spirit burst forth like dryads from the oaks, slinging tiny fistfuls of poppy dust. And we are saved from ourselves. For the way to Mardi Gras is long, and along that way, we sometimes must rest.  My full intention was to write from some famous watering hole along the Uptown parade route, dear friends. But beset by the hepatic rigors of the past few weeks, strategic retreat was my only option. I needed somewhere out-of-the-way. Somewhere I could have a quiet drink and a few friendly bar games to salve my Carnival anxiety. And so it was that I made my way after a small ordeal into Mick’s Irish Pub on Bienville.      

Purple, Green, & Gold Cocktails (Recipes)

Carnival time and libations tend to mix well. So, NoDef petitioned Mark Schettler to put together a few words of advice. Schettler is the Bar Director at Purloo and the Vice President of the USBG New Orleans chapter. However, he also enjoy the titles  “Professional Enabler” and “Big Chief Drink Monkey.” Semantics aside, the man knows what to drink this time of year.

Raising the Bar

Emeril's Evan Baldwin Mixes Up Christmas Drinks

Entering Emeril’s one is immediately enveloped but the distinct drum of happy chatter, and clinking glasses. Servers bustle around in white uniforms. Behind the bar stands Evan Baldwin holding court. With twelve years in the industry, including recent stints at Victory and Maurepas, Baldwin was well qualified to take the helm as Emeril’s new Bar Manager and Cocktail Coordinator five weeks ago. Just in time for Christmas, he took showcased some of the list’s new offerings for NoDef.

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