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Defender Picks


The Appeal of Repeal

Harry Craddock, Vintage Dancing, & a Quarter Classic Celebrated on Repeal Day

Today, December 5th, marks the 82nd anniversary of the 21st Amendment’s passage. Repeal Day celebrates Americans’ restored right to drink (legally). Needless to say, booze bashes are pretty popular in New Orleans. Across the French Quarter, local bars are looking back at history to celebrate the big day.


Faux/Real Week Two Lineup

The Faux/Real Festival of the Arts is entering the second wekend of a three week run. With over 150 events, all the choices can get a bit confusing. So, NoDef compiled a quick rundown of your choices this weekend. Click on through to check out the offerings.

Arts Starts

Faux/Real Fest Lineup Reveal

The Faux/Real Festival of the Arts provided a sneak peak at their November lineup today. The fest will include over 80 performing arts productions, 30 food and drink events, and 60 literary readings. The schedule spans the gamut from classics to the avant-garde.

One Fly Mai Tai

Today is National Mai Tai Day. (Don't worry, there's time to drink one after the Saints game). The tiki classic is perfect for heat featuring funky rum, fresh juice, and just enough rich syrup. NoDef turned to our favorite publican Nick Detrich of Cane & Table (1133 Decatur St.) for a recipe.

Bright Night: White Linen Guide

by Lucy Leonard

By now, you probably have your white linen outfit picked out and ready-to-go. But have you already mapped out your Whitney White Linen Night plan of attack? With attendance numbers nearing the 50,000 mark, this Saturday’s (8.1) event will be packed. You might want to decide ahead of time which galleries to check out and which restaurants are worth the wait. If you haven’t already figured all this out, don’t fear! NoDef has put together a comprehensive guide so that you can be totally prepared when the big night arrives. 

Drinking Culture

Swamped at the Seahorse Saloon

Gentle reader, if you earn a crust in the music venue or the white-linen restaurant, your eyes are likely now deep as sinkholes. Your stare is no doubt a cause for concern in your fellows, piercing the distance catatonically as it does. For The Jazz Fest has nigh run its long course. But ere the hoof replaces the folding chair upon the track, let us soldier out and witness the festival’s denouement. Let us view the sunburned hordes streaming from the gate, take a drink or two, and muse a spell on the world’s greatest musical event. All from a stool at the old Seahorse Saloon.

Concentrated Effort: Three Iced Coffee Recipes from PJ's

In New Orleans, we do things a little different. For an example, one need look no further than the common cup of coffee… or iced coffee as the case may be. Here we cold drip and buy concentrate. In celebration of the local favorite, the brew krewe at PJ’s is giving away a recipe book. The Louisiana institution shared a preview with NoDef.

Three Drinks to Ring in the New Year

With the last hours of 2014 upon us, now is the time for a libation. NoDef sat down with Jordan Larsen, a bartender at Sake Cafe and formerly at Victory, who gave us three new cocktails to help ring in the new year. When the fleur-de-lis drops, go bottoms up and start 2015 the classic New Orleanian way - with a drink.

Drinking Culture

Christmas Season at the Sazerac Bar

Gentle reader, certain rites must be observed if we are to continue calling ourselves "civilized." Send the wine-stained suit to the cleaners. Finagle some tickets to a holiday show. Pass through the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel en route to a few pregame drinks that you almost certainly cannot afford. It’s Christmas time, my friends, and we’re dropping by the Sazerac Bar!

Fringe Fest to Evolve into faux/real

New Three Week Celebration Will Spotlight Performing Arts, Food, Drink, and Literature

Today, New Orleans Fringe announced that in 2015, the popular New Orleans Fringe Theater Festival will evolve into faux/real [a chain of events]. The new event will be a celebration of performing arts, food & drink, and literature in New Orleans staged over three weeks in November. NOLA Defender will produce faux/real with NoDef publisher B.E. Mintz serving as Executive Producer. New Orleans Fringe will provide support to transition and launch the new effort.

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