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Defender Picks


Going Balls Out to Spay and Neuter in the Upper Ninth

By Lee Matalone

For twenty canines, Balls Out day won’t be as fun as it sounds. On June 12th, Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC), Supporters of the Intact Animal Permit Law (SIAPL) and Ark Animal Hospital will host a MASH-style spay/neuter marathon to service the Upper Ninth Ward neighborhood. Conceived by Lindsay Goldring and Dr. Heather Carleton, the founder of Spay-Neuter Wyoming, Balls Out Day aims to reduce the stray animal population in the 70117 zip code.

La. House Moves to Secure Dogs in Pickup Trucks

The Louisiana legislature got their heads out of the books and the drugs long enough on Tuesday to envision the open road, with dogs along for the ride. In doing so, the state's House of Representatives passed new limits that require canine companions to be humanely secured when riding on the back of a pickup truck on an interstate highway.

City Park Beer Fest Draws Canadians, Dogs

by Emma Boyce

Get off the couch and away from those sappy Sarah McLachlan commercials because this Saturday from noon to five City Park goes to the dogs!  For a third time, Bulldog partners with the LA/SPCA for their annual New Orleans on Tap Beer Festival and Fundraiser at the Big Lake Boathouse, featuring more than 200 brews.  

Nutria Dog Biscuits Chew Into New Orleans

by Mary-Devon Dupuy

Those lucky enough to encounter nutria in person know that these gnarly, orange-toothed swamp critters aren’t the most sympathetic vermin around. Not only are nutrias ugly as all get out, they’re an invasive species that feed on the vegetation of Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands, a rapidly disappearing and vital resource for everything from seafood to storm protection.

Krewe of Barkus Gets More Room to Roam

With the second weekend of Carnival parades upon us once again, it's time to unleash the Barkus on the French Quarter. The canine krewe started as a bit of a sideshow, but over the past 20 years, the burning desire for people to look at dogs and dress them up has resulted in a quick expansion. In the style of many krewes over the years, the parade is even starting to outgrow its initial cage. This year, the NOPD added 8 blocks to Sunday's parade route.

Baggin' Doggy

As the old adage goes, when dog bites man, it's nothing to see here. Man bites dog? Okay, now we're getting somewhere. The same kinda thing is true for cops. Cops shoot people, and it takes the FBI to blow the lid off. Cops shoot dogs, and there's outrage on the evening news. On Sunday, a cop killed a dog in Gentilly after receiving calls that the canine was becoming vicious and unruly. But the dog's owner thinks the NOPD man might've been a little itchy in the trigger finger. Loosen up, people. They have to get their rocks off somehow.

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