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Defender Picks


Hogs Hits the Mattresses

Clemenza once said, “"Hey, come over here, kid, learn something. You never know, you might have to cook for 20 guys someday.” On March 31st, an all star collection of New Orleans chefs will be cooking for a lot more than 20 guys. The 4th annual Hogs for the Cause gala dinner and kickoff will be a Godfather inspired “Italian Wedding Feast.”

Roam Sweet Roam

Restaurants Open on Christmas

If you burn the bird this Christmas, there are much better options than Chinese Turkey at Bo’ Ling Chop Suey Palace. Several restaurants in the New Orleans area are open up on the big holiday and will be offering up all the traditional meals without all the dishes to was. 

Christmas Time for the Jews

Christmas is a time to honor traditions, especially culinary traditions. There are hams, fruitcakes, and even the classic goose for some. For Jews, those traditions are a bit different. Mainly, those customs involve Chinese food (and sometimes a movie). This year, Carmo (527 Julia Street) is embracing Jewish Christmas Eve with a special meal.

Sipping With The Fishes at Avo

The Italian influences in New Orleans are everywhere from St. Joseph’s Day to the muffuletta. However, Avo’s chef Nick Lama is about to go full-throttle with the green, white , and red. For December, he is rolling out his take on traditional Italian “Feast of the Seven Fishes.”

Turkey Talk

Thanksgiving turkey is a beloved American dish served only once a year. Unfortuantely, since it's only served once a year, lots of us don't have too much experience cooking these birds. So, we truened to Chef Jason Klutts of Cane & Table for some pointers on taming the beast.

Holiday Out

NOLA Restaurants Offering Thanksgiving Dinner

Is your DIY kitchen rennovation still a work in progress? For those who don't want to fire up the burners this holiday, there are plenty of options. Several restuarants in Orleans Parish are serving up Thanksgiving dinners for al budgets. NoDef offers our annaul list.

Funky Food, Mescal, & Laughs

Hungry? Thirsty? Need to laugh? Wednesday at the Faux/Real Fest has something for you. Michaelopoulous Studios is hosting one funky dinner. In the Quarter, check out some mescals straight outta Oaxaca. And, over on St. Claude take a tongue-in-cheek tour of the United States.

Gustings Takes Manhattan

On September 17, the storied James Beard House in New York City is going to get a taste of Louisiana—literally. The folks at Broussard’s are packing up shop, heading to the Big Apple, and serving up some SoLa fare at the culinary mecca. Given the importance of drink to NOLA’s culture, bartender and iconic curmudgeon Paul Gustings will be leading the charge.

White Bite: Dîner en Blanc Returns Saturday

New Orleanians like to do it right, especially when it comes to food and parties. So, Saturday (5.09) night’s Dîner en Blanc will be no ordinary meal. A couple thousand people clad in white and armed with tables and picnic hampers will descend upon a secret location for a massive dinner party.

Green Preen: Urban Farmstead's Equinox Meal

On the Equinox (3.20), a few locals will spend less time trying to balance eggs, and a little more time cooking with them. Well, only if those eggs are responsibly produced. The Urban Farmstead will hold “Eve of Spring” a seasonal fundraiser and tantalizing meal that evening.

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