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Defender Picks


Serious Surplus

LA Agencies Got Rifles, Trucks, Armored Vehicles—and Snowshoes

Who wears shoeshoes in Orleans Parish?


Like law enforcement agencies across the nation, police and sheriffs’ departments in New Orleans received military equipment and supplies from the federal government. Louisiana agencies used a free Defense Department program to obtain weapons, trucks, and tactical gear, as well as mine-resistant vehicles, personnel carriers, and snow clothing.

Sequester Threatens Louisiana

State Would See More Than $200M in Cuts in 2013

There is much talk on the Hill and across America about "The Sequestering." While the tone and the title alone suggest doom and gloom like a bad horror film, the sequester is a very real series of cuts built into the federal budget. The clock is ticking down to a deadline of March 1, and no deal is yet done.  If the Dems and GOP don't reach an agreement, the state of Louisiana could lose millions in federal funding this year and billions down the road.

Target: Sinkholes

When it comes to potholes in sinking South Louisiana, It's time to call in the big guns. According to the AP, Slidell is set to ring in the New Year with stealth technology originally designed for the military to detect where dirt seeped into sewers, and mete out serious sinkhole threats. The technology was developed at Louisiana Tech. Slidell Mayor Freddie Drennan seems surpisingly willing to allow forces to encroach across his border. Maybe Pakistan could take a diplomacy lesson. Full story here.

Man Trips on Mat, Sues America

Most of us may not recall what we were doing on May 31, 2009, but for Ernest J. Watson the day is all too clear. In the produce department of a local commissary run by the U.S. Department of Defense, Watson took a spill he won't soon forget, the Louisiana Record reports. While walking on a "rug or mat," Watson tripped and fell face first into a wrinkled mat. Not only did he experience in the right arm, left leg, and rib cage, but the grown man got the wind knocked out of him, too. Now, he's bringing suit against the U.S.

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