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Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone is Size of Connecticut

Updated 2:20 p.m.

As predicted, the Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone could fit a Connecticut inside. According to data released by federal agencies on Monday, the area of oxygen-starved water near the end of the Mississippi River is 5,052 square miles. 

Dead Zone 2014 Predicted to Equal Size of Connecticut

The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone will be about the size of Connecticut, but that's normal, researchers announced this week. The massive, oxygen-deprived area that forms every summer in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana's coast is expected to measure between 4,600 and 5,700 square miles, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. 

Tulane Offers $1M Prize to Solve Dead Zone Dilemma

When it comes to bringing life back to the Dead Zone, Tulane is putting up $1 million. Thanks to a grant from philanthropist Phyllis Taylor of the Patrick Taylor Foundation, the Uptown university is offering a grand prize for a solution to the area of the Gulf of Mexico that is deprived of oxygen every summer due to Mississippi River runoff.

Dead Zone Down After Drought

Early scientific wagers placed the size of this year's Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico somewhere between Rhode Island and Connecticut. But it turns out New England did not hold the answer. Researchers' annual cruise ended up leading to a number closer to the size of French Southern and Antarctic Lands. According to Nancy Rabalais of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, the area of oxygen-starved water off the coast that's caused by fertilizer and other chemicals in Mississippi River runoff is the about 2,900 square miles - the 4th smallest on record since 1985.

Dead Zone Dilemma

When it comes to the Gulf of Mexico's annual summer Dead Zone, scientists are left asking: "Is Michigan low-balling us or is Louisiana just bluffing?" According to the University of Michigan, the huge area of oxygen-starved Mississippi River runoff that kills off or pushes aside marine life will be one of the smallest ever. Researchers in Ann Arbor compared their projected zone this year to Rhode Island.. But Louisiana researchers are raising them a New England state.

Dead Zone: Discuss!

When it comes to our own Dead Zone, no one is in a coma. But, we do have a bunch of people who think they can see the future. Scientists and policymakers are meeting this week to discuss the oxygen-deprived area of the Gulf that comes around every summer after the Mighty Mississippi is done relieving itself. Despite the flooding that wreaked havoc on the Midwest, this year's Dead Zone isn't as bad as expected. Clocking in at about 6,700 square miles, it's a still lot worse than normal. Turns out, tropical storms are good for something, after all. Thanks, Don! We think...Coverage here. 

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