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Defender Picks


Vitter Won't Play Trump Card

David Vitter will be soon be trading the Beltway for the I-10. However, following his gubernatorial defeat, the senator is making the most out of his final days in the corridors of power. This week Vitter provided one of the few dissenting votes to the so-called “Trump Amendment.”

Ballot Blowout

Edwards Upsets Vitter

Saturday (11.21) bore witness to one of the largest upsets in Louisana political history. Democrat John Bel Edwards defeated Republican David Vitter by nearly ten percent to become the next goveror of Louisiana.Billy Nunguesser offed Kip Jolden tot winthe race for Lieutenant Governor and Jeff Landry outed incumbent James "Buddy" Caldwell for Attorney General.

Bel Lobs: Edwards Gets In Mud

David Vitter is almost synonymous with harsh, mud slinging attack ads. During this weekend’s LSU-Alabama fiasco, the senator got a taste of his own medicine. Democratic contender John Bel Edwards unleashed a vicious television spot attacking Vitter for his past problems with prostitution and a missed vote in Congress.

Going Ballot-istic

Election Results In: Edwards, Vitter Head to RunOff

The polls are closed, the votes are counted, and the elction held few surprises in the outcome, but a couple in the numers. As expected, John Bel Edwards will be heading to a runoff with David Vitter. However, Vitter's 23 percent is much lower than expected for the favorite and Edwards' 40 percent is providing some promise to Team Blue Dat. Locally, the Quarter tax easily won approval. Click on through for full results. 

Curriculum Vittér

Louisiana’s senior senator is not the only Vitter gunning for a new job. Mississippi’s College Board announced that David’s brother, Jeffrey Vitter is the official nominee for the Chancellor’s office at the University of Mississippi.

Vitter Muddies the Waters

Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne nipping at David Vitter’s heels in the latest round of gubernatorial polls and the heir apparent is feeling the heat. Vitter responded to his sinking numbers by turning on the hose and lobbing some mud at his opponents this week.

Hot Spots

Election season arrived along with football season. With registration over, the push for votes is in overdrive. All four candidates eying the mansion in Baton Rouge are pushing their cause through the miracles of modern video. NoDef has the highlights after the jump.

Landrieu Calls Out Vitter & Duke

The campaign to keep the monuments has been vocal on social media and Mayor Mitch is square in the crosshairs. This week, the Mayor fired back. In a letter to supporters as well as a dedicated webpage Landrieu solicited support for the removal of the Battle of Liberty Place or “White League” monument and took some shots at Senator David Vitter and white supremacist David Duke.

CPR for ALS: Gleason Act Signed Into Law

David Vitter and Barack Obama do not agree on much, but Steve Gleason has a way of transcending traditional boundaries. On Thursday (7.30) night, the White House announced that the POTUS signed Vitter’s Steve Gleason Act of 2015 (S.9804) into law. The new legislation will help provide crucial technology for Americans stricken with ALS.

David Vitter, Bi-Partisan Builder?

The Silent Senator is not so quiet these days. In a series of moves befuddling to beltway buffs, the once contrarian David Vitter is ferrying across the aisle with more regualrity than the boat serving Algiers and perhaps politically pivoting to the center. Last week, Vitter made significant progress on three bipartisan bills including one collaboration with liberal firebrand Elizabeth Warren.

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