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Defender Picks


Bring It All Daiq

Today (7.19) is National Daiquiri Day! Whether you prefer more upscale versions or you are more partial to the Queen Latifah-approved drive-through variety, the daiquiri is arguably one of the signature drinks of New Orleans. The standard recipe includes rum, sugar, and lime, but these days pretty much any variation boozy and slushy makes the cut. Celebrate this most hallowed of days with NoDef's round-up of the best spots in the Big Easy (er, Big Freezy) for this cool beverage. 


Who Daiq? Tales Buys Daiquiri Fest

Tales of the Cocktail has pivoted towards the liquor and hospitality industry over the course of the fest’s mercurial rise. However, co-founder Ann Tuennerman is trying to stay true to the local drinkers and shakers that built the event. Tales announced the acquisition of the New Orleans Daiquiri Festival from founder Jeremy JF Thompson.

Daiquiri Day

Cane and Table's Nick Detrich on Drink's Caribbean, Rum-Filled Origins

Unwrap the straw and raise up a styrofoam cup. July 19 is National Daiquiri Day, and New Orleans, with its gallon pricing and drive thru options, is the Daiquiri capital. (Plus, there's a parade). Moving beyond Bourbon Street’s frozen flavors, NOLA Defender wanted to dig down to the roots of the subtropical favorite. Cane & Table’s Nick Detrich, an expert on rums and Caribbean cocktials, provided some guidance.

When Daiq? Fest Postponed

Daiquiri Devotees will have to wait a week for their romance with rum. According to an announcement on the organizer's Facebook page, the frozen fest has been postponed until August 24. The group cited permitting issues as the metaphorical tape over the strawhole.

Return of the Daiq

New Orleans Daiquiri Festival Gets off at Elysian Fields

The third edition of the New Orleans Daiquiri Festival celebrates the city's deep connection to the frozen alcoholic beverage in one location. While staying put may not be rare for a New Orleans festival, it's rare when it comes to the rite of drinking daiquiris.

Man Arrested in Bourbon Street Daiq Attack, 3 Still Sought (VIDEO)

Police made an arrest in last Sunday's heated daiquiri dispute at a Bourbon Street shop, but the woman who pointed a gun at an employee is still at-large. NOPD Eighth District Detective Michael Flores is hoping new video of the suspects will help police find the woman who became irate after "helping herself" to a daiquri. Click through to view new video connected to the crime:

Daiq Attack: Woman Pulls Gun on Bourbon Street Over Stolen Daiquiri (VIDEO)

A crime in the heart of Bourbon Street proved once again Sunday morning that messing with someone's daiquiri could lead to violence. About 2:30 a.m. at a daiquiri shop at 409 Bourbon St., a worker observed a woman reaching over the counter and "helping herself" to a frozen beverage, New Orleans police said. Click through to view the incident on video:

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