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Defender Picks


Oil Money: BP Settles for 20B

On Monday (10.05) morning, a consent decree was filed in federal court to outlining the final details of the 20 billion dollar BP settlement. A joint announcement from the Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency, as well as Commerce Agriculture and Interior departments explained that the historical deal was matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on a deal hashed out in July.

Stop Work at OPP: Mitch Delivers CZO Smackdown to Gusman

Items like the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) and conditional use permits have dominated neighborhood level politics for almost a decade now. On Wednesday (6.24), these issues went to eleven when the City declared the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) in violation of the CZO and issued a stop work order on the new jail. 

Opinion: No Justice, No Peace: Violence and New Orleans' Criminal Justice System

By Kezia Kamenetz

Just this summer, New Orleans has suffered from numerous heinous acts of violence – including a shower of bullets released on innocent Bourbon Street revelers and the drive-by shooting of children as young as two in the Lower Ninth Ward. Every time someone is killed in the streets of this city I find myself questioning how I can live here. How can I love a place where such violence takes place regularly? How can I invest in a city where a majority of citizens justifiably live in fear for their children? What kind of future does a place where babies are shot have?

Protesters Block OPP Entrance

by Stacy Coco

About 40 protestors in support of the Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition blocked the entrance to the jail (730 S. Dupre St.) Thursday. The march was against what the organization called “the inhumane, unconstitutional and life-threatening conditions” of Orleans Parish Prison in the wake of an inmate dying over the weekend.

NoDef Nods: Politics

13 Stories from 2014, and 5 to Watch in the New Year

On the political scene, New Orleans saw some old names like Ray Nagin and Charles Foti return in 2013. Meanwhile, BP and Bobby kept the Bayou State in the national spotlight once again. Peruse all of 2013's top stories, and grab a handful for the new year on the way out:

Mayor Mitch, Gusman Reach Settlement on OPP Consent Decree

A settlement was reached in the funding fracas that erupted between Mayor Mitch and Sheriff Marlin Gusman over paying for the consent decree that will govern reforms at Orleans Parish Prison. According to federal court documents, the city agreed to pay the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office just shy of $1.9 million to fund consent decree reforms for the remainder Fiscal Year 2013. U.S. District Judge Lance Africk signed off on the order Monday morning.

Gusman Selects Chief Corrections Deputy

In keeping with the federally mandated consent decree, Sheriff Marlin Gusman has selected Michael A. Tidwell as the Chief Corrections Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office. The consent agreement requires Gusman and a selection team to appoint a professional corrections administrator.

Court on NOPD Consent Decree: Freeze!

A panel of judges temporarily halted the federally-mandated reform package that is designed to transform the NOPD. The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay in the NOPD consent decree until the City can appeal the set of 500 reforms for the police department that would be overseen by the federal government. 

LGBTQ Activists Seek Stop & Frisk Reform at NOPD HQ

Mayor Mitch touched on police profiling in his State of the City address, and local LGBTQ advocates took the debate directly to the source yesterday. Local nonprofit BreakOUT! organized in front of NOPD Headquarters Thursday morning to hand Chief Serpas a document, a call from multiple LGBTQ groups for the Superintendent to hold a meeting on NOPD's Stop and Frisk laws.

Mayor Mitch Files for Federal Takeover of OPP

Updated 4.10, 3 a.m.

After a lot of talk about Marlin Gusman as a dinner guest and those videos, Mayor Mtich officially sought to make a formal break with the Orleans Parish Sheriff, as well as the feds and Southern Poverty Law Center, today. Landrieu filed a motion in federal court that calls for Orleans Parish Prison to be put under federal receivership. The receivership would go beyond the consent decree that is currently being worked out in court, and would essentially take Gusman off day-to-day operations at OPP.

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