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Defender Picks


Monument Valley

Injunction Issued to Prevent Monument Removal

New Orleans monuments to Confederate heroes and the White League will remain part of the cityscape for a while longer. In the most recent turn of the protracted battle, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeal forbade removal until a lawsuit is resolved.

Cantrell's Monumental Flip-Flop

Council member LaToya Cantrell, author of the smoking ban, flip-flopped on monument removal citing divisiveness. In an 11th hour statement released Wednesday (12.09) night, Cantrell announced that she now favors keeping four controversial Confederate monuments.

Monument Men

A volunteer group tasked with maintaining the City’s monuments held an afternoon presser on Tuesday (12.08), but the organizations points may be moot. After announcing the collection of 30,000 plus signatures in favor of keeping four controversial monuments, the Monumental Task Committee (MTC) demanded another opportunity for public comment. However, the City Council already released a revised itinerary to allow for additional public comment earlier in the day.

Monumental Task: Landrieu, City Council Move Against Confederate Markers

By Lucy Leonard

Mayor Mitch Landrieu traversed City Hall to appear before the Council and formally call for the removal of symbols of the Confederacy on Thursday (7.09). The Mayor singled out four monuments: the Robert E. Lee statue at Lee Circle, the Jefferson Davis statue on Jefferson Davis Parkway, the P.G.T. Beauregard statue on Esplanade Avenue at the entrance to City Park, and the Battle of Liberty Place (a.k.a. the White League) Monument at Iberville Street. The Council subsequently voted 6-0 to begin the process.

Marc Morial Calls for Removal of Confederate Monuments

New Orleans current mayor has already called for the City to tear down her monuments to the Confederacy. On Saturday (7.04), former Mayor Marc Morial joined the chorus. The Urban League chief took the stage Essence Fest 2015 and said that it was time for a change including the removal of Confederate monuments.

Landrieu Apologizes for Slavery, Calls for Confederate Cleansing

In the wake of the massacre in Charleston, SC, a national discussion raged about race relations and Confederate symbols. On Wednesday (6.24), Mayor Landrieu weighed in on these issues in New Orleans. At the racial reconciliation focused “Welcome Table New Orleans” forum, the Mayor apologized for New Orleans’ role in the slave trade and said it was time to consider changing some local landmarks like Lee Circle.

Best of #LeeCircleReplacement Tweets

Compiled by Lucy Leonard

As talk about removing the Confederate flag escalates, New Orleanians are taking to Twitter to discuss making a few more changes. On the Tweetosphere, the now popular #LeeCircleReplacement hashtag is inspiring citizens to create new names for Lee Circle, a monument named for Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Though many of the suggestions are serious, including Louis Armstrong Circle and Allen Toussaint Circle, many Twitter users also used the opportunity for some comedic relief.  The Defender combed through the extensive list to bring you some highlights.

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