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Defender Picks


Today in NOLA: 8.26.14

Marine, MBA, and newly minted novelist Michael Pitre appears at Octavia Books this evening, presenting his new book, Five and Twenty-Fives. The Blue Nile’s Open Ears series presents a taste of Italy, with saxophonist Piero Bittolo Bon and vocalist Marta Raviglia on tour from their home country. Plus, pop- and post-punk pair up at Community Records’ Gasa Gasa show night. Have a look:

Community Records Announces 2014 Block Party Lineup

Local noise bands Caddywhompus and Donovan Wolfington are set to headline Community Records’ annual all-day Block Party show in October. They'll be joined by talented newcomers like Sirens and Pears, as well as some bigger out-of-town names: Screaming Females and PUJOL.

Today in NOLA: 7.29.14

Georgia singer-songwriter and probable wildflower Ruby the RabbitFoot plays the BEATnik tonight. Plus, swing by the Howlin Wolf for live, free comedy, or join Community Records for a DIY rock’n’roll lineup at Hey! Cafe. On this day in 1862, Confederate spy Belle Boyd was arrested by Union forces. She was awarded the Southern Cross of Honor for passing information to General Stonewall Jackson. Details tonight:

Today in NOLA: 6.11.14

Tonight, Maple Street Book Shop hosts a five-author poetry reading, Shotgun Cinema takes over the Marigny Opera House, and Big Freedia invites you to her second season premiere. On this day in 1955, Fats Domino hit number one on the R&B charts with “Ain’t That a Shame.” More tonight to see, do, and twerk to:

Life, According to Madison Turner

“I’ll only write music if I feel there’s something to express through that means,” says Madison Turner. The folk-punk singer-songwriter plays at Hey Cafe Thursday, June 5. Before writing and recording her recent album, Turner says she hadn’t written any music “in a couple years.” NoDef talked to Turner about life and live music as a transgender woman.

Today's Events: 4/16/11

April 16, when Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly an airplane across the English Channel (1912), when Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered LSD (1943), when Walter Cronkite took lead over the CBS Evening News (1962), when MLK Jr. wrote his ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ (1963), the Virginia Tech massacre (2007), Charlie Chaplin’s birth (1889), and Alexis de Tocqueville’s death (1859). Tough to top, but here goes:

Skanking Imminent at Community Records' Annual Block Party

by Michael Cohn-Geltner

Community Records, the record label that will host tomorrow's annual Block Party outside the Big Top, have an upfront and transparent approach to music. They offer a dollar-by-dollar breakdown of where the buyer’s money goes. The label gets a 15% cut that helps them break even, while 3% plus 30 cents goes to PayPal. The artists receive the rest of the money. This kind of operation, run of the apartment of owners Greg and D-Ray, is reminiscent of a more lenient Touch and Go. Steve Albini might even approve.

Hey! I Might as Well Try!

Local Ska Scene Weathers Hiatuses, Laws, and That Storm

There are big bands with lots of energy, and shimmering horns. The music is culled from influences of yore. But what to make of a bunch of kids punching the air near the stage, doing a dance that looks like the running man in motion?

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