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Defender Picks


Big Oozy Blues Redux

It’s starting to feel like Spring 2010 in Louisiana. And, not in that positive, Saints-championship-afterglow way. Skimmers have been dispatched to the Gulf. Underwater robots are probing oil leaks. On Friday (5.13), new details continued to emerge about a nearly 90,000 gallon oil spill from a Shell pipeline.

Oh Nooo, Ms. Bullock

So, now that Sandra Bullock has put the gossip baby and the divorce behind her, the Oscar winner has moved on to applying her fame to a good cause: Gulf Restoration. She filmed a PSA for America's Wetlands Foundation. BUT! She has now withdrawn after discovering some of the cause's facts are dubious, like who should pay to restore. the funny thing is that claymation superstar, Mr. Bill, had to withdraw from an earlier campaign promoted by the same foundation.

Thar He Blows!

Buckle your seatbelts, kids! It's time again for Name That Storm! Hailing from the Gulf of Mexico, let's give a big NoDef hand for our latest contestant... Tropical Storm Alllleeeeexxxxxxx! Alex seems on a steady path to Texas. That would be away from us; however, storms are fickle, and oil companies such as, say, BP are taking measures including evacuations. Of course, Billy Nungesser could not help himself, delivering another instant classic. So, let's get ready to ruuuummmble.

Say Hay Kids

Darryl Carpenter and Otis Goodson of CW Roberts Contracting have solved the whole Gulf Apocalypse problem with a couple of handfulls of dried grass.  You know that feeling you get when the guy or gal you've been hopelessly lusting after for the last six months finally makes out with you, and you're full of hope, yet 90% confident it's complete bullshit?  Experience that feeling now!


Hairy Situation

Looking for a way to fight the Big Oozy? Well, take your hair and head to the Ritz. Apparently, hair and animal fur collect oil. (That!s why you shower!) So, Matter of Trust is collecting hair, fur, and nylons to build booms. The Ritz Carlton on Canal (Insert your own joke here!) is the only donation point in New Orleans, and has assigned their staff to take shifts building booms... BP should call them up and reserve a suite in corporate responsibility! JudyB brings us details.

Bracing for the Big Oozy

Venice, Louisiana - Only one road leads the 75 miles south from New Orleans through the marshes of Plaquemines Parish to Venice. Eventually, past a handful of marinas and Halliburton Road, that highway ends, too.
     “You’re at the end of the world here,” Mike Waddle, a 58-year-old shrimper and Venice native said Saturday, standing near a friend’s boat at the town’s southernmost marina.

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