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Mayor Mitch Readies Budget Brigade for Public Meetings

Mayor Mitch is once again taking his entire City Hall team out into the community before they open up the books to do next year's budget. Landrieu and other City officials will be onhand at a series of public meetings in the coming weeks that allow residents to weigh in on City government and services. Full schedule:

City Releases Final Draft of Zoning Ordinance

The final draft of the city's comprehensive zoning ordinance is now available for public review. The law governs land use throughout the Crescent City, and has been undergoing changes for the last three years. Prior drafts were released by the City in 2011 and 2013, with a round of public hearings following each new working copy.

City Wants Public Input on New Bike Rack Locations

The City wants to install public bike racks, but they want input from the cycling public on where to install the public pedal parking, first. Through August 15, the Department of Public Works will accept requests from the public on potential locations for bike racks. 

NOPD Recruitment Drive Continues with Vets, Churches

The NOPD is renewing its push to recruit new officers to join the force. Over the next three months, the City will run a pair of 30-second ads on local websites, and target veterans who may be interested in becoming police officers. The City is aiming to grow the police department to 1,600 officers. Currently, NOPD numbers just over 1,100 officers.

City Dismisses Taxicab Bureau Director Malachi Hull

Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration used July 4 to make some changes in the Taxicab Bureau. Late Friday, a statement from City Hall spokesman Tyler Gamble announced the dismissal of Bureau Director Malachi Hull.

Mayor Mitch Floats Higher Minimum Wage for City Govt. Workers

Though Mayor Mitch often talks about how the City is strapped for cash, Landrieu signalled Thursday that he's willing to find some money to pay the workers a bit more. Amid a raft of changes to civil service, Da Mayor announced a plan to raise the minimum wage for City employees to $10.10.

Winter Storm Leon to Bring Ice, Closures

Fish bowls do not handle ice very well, and a series of local schools and events are closed or canceled in preparation for the midweek Wintry Mix. Mayor Mitch held a press conference today to alert citizens about the wintry storm that the Weather Channel has named Leon. 

City, PUFAP in Jazz in the Park Permit Flap

More than halfway into their fall season, the organization that puts on the weekly Jazz in the Park series at Armstrong Park says they face cuts because the City of New Orleans raised their permit fees, but City officials maintain the leaders were told about the increase in funding before the fall series even started. Leaders of People United for Armstrong Park announced cutbacks to expanded fall programming because permit fees have doubled over the last year. The organization is already getting a 50+ percent discount to put on the concerts, and the rise in permit costs are a result of the event's growth in time and duration, a City spokesman said.

Tax Appeal: Assessment Appeal Period Extended

Taking an unusual political step, Assessor Erroll Williams is hoping to avoid the huge crowds he attracted around this time last year. Property tax rolls will be open on Monday, extending the time that New Orleans residents can go see Williams and argue changes to their property valuation by 15 days. Last year, residents described wait times of up to 12 hours at City Hall, but new legislation passed this year keeps Williams' door open for a full month, from July 15-August 15.

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