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Defender Picks


The Southern Yankee

Boston-Born Dan Ring Runs for New Orleans City Council District A

There are quite a number of contenders in the upcoming elections for Mayor of New Orleans and City positions, it’s sometimes hard to keep track. NoDef is here to help with our series highlighting the many candidates in this political showdown. Dan Ring is a rare candidate bringing a wealth of experience from the very depths of Boston politics in his bid for City Council District A on a community development-based platform. 


Off to the Races (Photos)

The race to see who will replace Mitch at his mayoral mantle intensified on Friday, after the three-day qualifying period saw 18 candidates throw their hats in the ring in a bid for the Crescent City's highest office. Scroll on for photos of some of the candidates from the official qualifying day.


Urban Redevelopment Leader Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson to Run for City Council

Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson has dedicated his life to the betterment of his hometown of New Orleans through extensive work in real estate, academia, and public policy. This week, he announced his intent to add another role to his lengthy list of positions to better his home: a position in the New Orleans City Council. 

Monument Men

A volunteer group tasked with maintaining the City’s monuments held an afternoon presser on Tuesday (12.08), but the organizations points may be moot. After announcing the collection of 30,000 plus signatures in favor of keeping four controversial monuments, the Monumental Task Committee (MTC) demanded another opportunity for public comment. However, the City Council already released a revised itinerary to allow for additional public comment earlier in the day.

Give & Take

Mayor Mitch Rolls Out 2016 Budget

On Thursday (10.14), Mayor Mitch visited the Council Chambers to unveil his budget for the 2016 fiscal year. The 593 million dollar proposal marked a 10.4 percent increase from 2015’s proposal. Common sources of civic grousing such as crime, infrastructure, and the Mayor’s feuds with Sheriff Gusman and the firefighters topped the highlight reel.

Welcome to Our Neighborhood

By Christopher Louis Romaguera

City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell brought up a ‘welcoming city’ resolution on Thursday, October 1st that passes anonymously. The resolution aims to make the city of New Orleans more accessible and to work with the different people, races, and cultures that have inhabited the city more and more over the last ten years. The resolution calls for policy changes that are geared towards helping people of different cultures, including those who are undocumented, in partaking in the city, as well as helping grant them access to more of the city’s amenities. As Cantrell said during the city council meeting, she “Wants to make sure that New Orleans is indeed an international city that is indeed ‘welcoming.’” 

Monumental Donation

The push to remove the four controversial monuments quietly took a big step forward this week. A letter from the Mayor’s Office to the City Council announced that an anonymous donor has offered full funding to take down the the monuments to Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, PGT. Beauregard, and the White League.

Monumental Task: Landrieu, City Council Move Against Confederate Markers

By Lucy Leonard

Mayor Mitch Landrieu traversed City Hall to appear before the Council and formally call for the removal of symbols of the Confederacy on Thursday (7.09). The Mayor singled out four monuments: the Robert E. Lee statue at Lee Circle, the Jefferson Davis statue on Jefferson Davis Parkway, the P.G.T. Beauregard statue on Esplanade Avenue at the entrance to City Park, and the Battle of Liberty Place (a.k.a. the White League) Monument at Iberville Street. The Council subsequently voted 6-0 to begin the process.

Meet Mayor Mitch

Have you ever had something you wanted to say to the powers that be? Now is your chance. Mayor Mitch Landrieu will host a series of community meetings beginning on Monday (7.13). The meetings, held in conjunction with the New Orleans City Council, aim to discuss budget priorities in preparation for the city’s 2016 budgeting for outcomes process. 

Auctions & Judgement

At today’s (6.25) City Council Budget meeting, the council heard and discussed a pair presentations. The legislators examined the city’s unpaid judgment backlog as well as the delinquent properties that will go to auction on Civic Source— both of which received a fair amount of comments from the public and from the councilmembers.  

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