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Hip-Hop Heavies at BUKU 2014

The festival market is a fast-moving, rapidly expanding industry stacked with line-ups typically more representative of a slightly subversive college kid's turntable during their fledgeling years of undergrad; milk crates filled with records bearing the names of indie rock bands more than conscientious or genre-bending hip-hop. What the early announcements of festivals this year have taught us is that there's a shift in reverence for the latter genre, making it a main contender for heavy-hitting headliner or must-see show.

Today's Events: 9.18.11

September 18, when Tiffany and Co. is founded in NYC (1837), when U.S. Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 (1850), when The New York Times was first published (1851), when Patty Hearst was arrested after a year on the FBI Most Wanted List (1975), and the first of many mailings of anthrax letters from Trenton, NJ in the 2001 attacks (2001); it’s when Lance Armstrong was born (1971) when Jimi Hendrix died (1970), and World Water Monitoring Day. Go the distance today with these happenings:

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