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Defender Picks


Green Scene

Christmas Tree Recycling To Aid Wetlands

An early Mardi Gras means that your Christmas tree might survive as a fat Tuesday tree. If you are ready to get the needles out of your house, Mayor Mitch wants you to remember that the old trees can also assist with the vital cause of wetland restoration.

Yule Logs

NOFD's Annual Lists of Holiday Safety Tips

Inevitably, holiday merry making sometimes devolves into a mess making. Beyond the potential for a holiday hangover, Christmas catastrophes can sometimes be serious, even deadly. So, the New Orleans Fire Deaprtment (NOFD) once again issued their annual list of holiday safety tips.

Trees Please

Where to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Traditional Christmas tales always include a family drive on frozen roads to visit a remote farm and cut down your own tree. Here in SoLa, there probably won’t be too much snow, but there are a few opportunities to chop-your-own. A handful of farms offer top-notch trees and a great excuse for a road trip.

Christmas Tree Recycling Helps Coast

Crescent City Christmas trees once met their fate in a New Year's Eve pyre. But the loss of one tradition has meant new life for another, and some help for the coast to go along with it. Once the 12 Days are up and Carnival has arrived, the City will be collecting Christmas trees to replant in coastal wetlands experiencing land loss.

Coastal Christmas: Tree Drop Helps Restore Bayou Sauvage Wetlands

Christmas came a couple of months late to the swamps of South Louisiana, but it was no less welcome. On Wednesday, Louisiana National Guard troops airlifted more than 9,000 Christmas trees from New Orleans to the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife. The trees will help stimulate the growth of new marsh, restoring the brimming wetlands ecosystem that is also supposed to form a crucial protection for the city against hurricanes.

Green Trees and Red Louboutins: Canal Place at the Eleventh Hour

by M.D. Dupuy

In the waning hours of Christmas shopping, NoDef went to Canal Place to check out the Christmas crowds. Rather than rowdy shoppers, we found elegant displays, the annual three-story tree, and free music and libations. NoDef caught up with Saks’ Director of Marketing Steven Putt, and he gave us the scoop on this year’s trends as well as what keeps Canal Place calm in the midst of the holiday rush.

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