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Defender Picks


Federal Government Shutdown Ends, 4 La. Reps Vote Against Deal

From Michoud to Jean Lafitte, New Orleans-area offices and lands run by the federal government are back in business on Thursday. The U.S. House and Senate reached a deal to reopen the federal government through January, 15, 2014, and raise the debt ceiling through February 7. President Barack Obama made it official with his signature just after midnight. Click through to see how Louisiana reps voted.

Boustany, Landry Show Common Ground on Fiscal Cliff Ahead of Runoff

by William DiLella

Louisiana congressmen Jeff Landry (R - New Iberia) and Charles Boustany M.D. (R - Lafayette) find themselves in unfamiliar territory—as their two districts have become one united Acadiana apportionment. This is not uncommon in the current state of Louisiana politics, as the population shifts and dips became clear after the 2010 census. Now, in the 2012 elections, these two incumbents have been forced to battle it out for the last seat in town, and that battle has stretched out from November 6 to December 8, where the winner will really take it all.

The Third Degree

GOP's Landry, Boustany Lock Horns for Single Cajun Country Seat in Congress

In Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District, two Republican incumbents - one Tea Partier and one Grand Old Partier - are squaring off in a winner-take-all battle for to represent Cajun Country in Washington.

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