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Defender Picks


Mayor Nixes Plan to Move City Hall to Charity Hospital

Mayor Mitch's plan to turn Charity Hospital into a new home for City Hall won't come to fruition. According to a statement issued by Landrieu's office this week, the City doesn't have the money to renovate the shuttered CBD hospital. Now, the Mayor's plans for the seat of City government include staying in the current building at Duncan Plaza, and completing repairs. Meanwhile, Charity Hospital will remain vacant.

Mayor Mitch Floats Plans to Move City Hall to Charity Hospital

The much-talked about, yet still vacant, Charity Hospital could soon have a new use, if plans that the Landrieu Administration are putting in motion come to bare. Mayor Mitch's administration wants to move City Hall into the sprawling former public hospital on Tulane Ave., according to a budget request form issued by the City.

Charity Strap

Bed count, financing, and layoff talk continues for state's Lower Mid-City med center as construction moves forward

In Lower Mid-City, the buildings that stood in the way have been cleared and the rhythm of construction is rolling everyday. But the state's new academic teaching hospital, which will serve as the replacement for Charity Hospital, has been having financing problems since day one due to tightening of both the state's budget and cuts to federal aid programs, such as Medicaid. 

Charity Hospital Replacement Outsourced to Children's, Avoiding Layoffs

Those wondering how the state was going to pay for a giant new public hospital in Lower Mid-City that wasn't fully funded in the midst of gigantic health care cuts got their answer today, and it lies with the Childrens. When it is built, the state will share cost of the new LSU Medical Center will be shared with Uptown-based Louisiana Children's Medical Center, officials announced today. The new agreement means 450 layoffs announced earlier this fall won't go through as planned.

The American Nurse

Photojournalist Carolyn Jones Includes Six Louisiana Nurses in her Latest Book, Signing Today at LSU Interim Hospital

It isn’t often that one hears the word “beautiful,” associated with Katrina or Angola State Penitentiary, but Carolyn Jones’ latest book, The American Nurse, shifts the perspective on turmoil and loss.

LSU Hospitals Cutting Patient Services, 1,500 Jobs

The publicly-funded hospital system run by LSU handed down massive cuts today as a result of the state's Medicaid meltdown earlier this year. Across the state, seven hospital operations that provided care to the uninsured are poised to become a shell of their former selves as the state cuts $150 million in funding, or 20 percent of the LSU hospital budget. About one-third of the funding cuts will come In New Orleans, where LSU Interim Hospital in the CBD will see about 420 layoffs.

State Cements Charity Hospital Replacement

by Mary-Devon Dupuy

In case the giant mass of empty land off Canal St. and that really rythmic heavy machinery wasn't reminder enough, the state offered up-close evidence today that $1.1 billion project to build a replacement for the still-standing Charity Hospital is underway. Officials lead the media behind the tall, temporary fences to bare witness to the first pouring of a concrete slab at the Louisiana State University Medical Center.

State Treasurer John Kennedy: Consider Other Options for State's Lower Mid-City Hospital

MID-CITY - As state treasurer, John Kennedy usually deals with investments, cash flow and the state's finances. But he waded outside of his day-to-day arena Tuesday night, discussing health care and hospitals with a large group of locals at Canal Street's Grace Episcopal Church. Standing at a single mic in the center of the floor for all of the two hour session, Kennedy lamented the lack of a large, state-run hospital in New Orleans.

Letter Suggests State Going Back to the Drawing Board for Lower Mid-City Hospital Financing

Citing "several issues that have arisen," the state withdrew an initial application to the U.S. government that sought  funding for the proposed University Medical Center, according to a letter obtained by NoDef. When they filed an initial document to the federal Housing and Urban Development department last year, known as a pre-application, the state was seeking federal mortgage insurance. They needed the mortgage insurance to raise the final $400 million of the $1.2 billion project at a lower rate.

State Committee Quashes Lower Mid-City Hospital Funding

Even though they're calling the state legislature's current meeting the "fiscal session," it ain't all cipherin' and figurin'. A House budget committee voted today to take $900 million out of the construction budget for the state's University Medical Center hospital project in Lower Mid-City. For the record, that's even more money than the state has currently secured. The Ways and Means committee voted unanimously to take the money away from the Charity Hospital replacement after hearing Rep. Cameron Henry question building the hospital going forward. The block on funding still has to pass the entire House to become law.

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