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Defender Picks


Rex Books Another Lundi Gras Train Trip

It is widely known that annually Rex reigns as King of Carnival on Mardi Gras. However, Rex does not simply declare himself King. (That would be a coup). No, the momentary monarch arrives with great pomp and circumstance, meets his counterpart in Zulu, and then the Mayor formally hands over the keys to the City. Today, the details were released for Rex’s arrival on Lundi Gras (2.08) Day.

Bel Edwards Era Begins

"There is seriously a lot of work ahead of us!"

Bobby Jindal is no longer the governor of Louisiana. On Monday (1.11), John Bel Edwards was sworn in by Chief Justice Bernette Johnson as the Pelican’s State’s latest governor in a ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol. An uplifiting speech calling for unity and change then followed.

King Remembered

New Orleans Releases Official Event Schedule for MLK Day

Carnival is ramping up, but before New Orleans takes the revelry full throttle, the City will first pause to reflect on some serious issues. January 18th is Martin Luther King Day, an opportunity to reflect on civil rights and honor the people that have taken us this far. The Mayor’s office released an ambitious schedule of events for the days leading up to the holiday.

Saturday! Secondline

A recollection from Chris Romaguera

People joined today's “The World’s Largest Secondline” from spots all along the route, but one of the larger gathering spots was on Japonica and N. Galvez. There, on the levee wall, an annual ritual of prayers, song and dance was held.

Funeral Details Announced for Officer Holloway

Last week, Officer Daryle Holloway was shooting the line of duty. The City has been mourning him with vigils and memorials since. On Saturday (6.27), Holloway wall be laid to rest.

Rex Takes the Train

The King of Carnival does nothing without aplomb. That includes Rex’s arrival in New Orleans on Lundi Gras (2.16). However, this year, His Majesty will mix up the traditional arrival at Spanish Plaza.

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