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Defender Picks


Cat Krewe

Endymeow 2016

Look out Barkus! There’s a new big dog in town, and that dog might just be a cat. The Cat Practice (1809 Magazine Street) is gearing up for Endymeow 2016. The feline Carnival krewe is accepting applications to find the purr-fect cats for their court.

LA-SPCA: Let Your Dog Celebrate Barkus Not NYE

Rule number one of fireworks is “Don’t blow your fingers off like a certain NFL player.” The second standard is that your pets do not like pyrotechnic displays. Dogs and cats have far better hearing than humans and those airborne booms do not go over well with them. The Louisiana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (L-SPCA) has issued a reminder that dogs are frightened by fireworks and often run away on the Fourth as well as some pointers to keep Rex happy.

Cult of Purrsonality

Dat Cat Plans to Open Feline Cafe

For the New Orleans animal lover, a proposed new café really would be the cat’s meow. Veterinary technicians Miranda Schneider and Drew Rumley are working towards opening Dat Cat Café, a coffee bar and cat playhouse. The pair started a Kickstarter fundraiser on May 26 to raise twenty thousand dollars in order to make their dream come true.

Pawsible Scenarios: Hurricane Prep for Pets

Hurricane season started today, and the media is abuzz with suggestions about prep, go-bags, and the like. The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LaSPCA) took the opportunity to remind locals not to forget their furry friends while preparing for the worst.

Pets in Spayce

The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (La-SPCA) does much more than facilitate adoption for our four legged friends. One of the agency’s responsibilities includes enforcing Chapter 18 Animal Ordinances and the Intact Permit law. That means the group is in charge of making sure that pets are spayed or neutered or permitted.

Fire in St. Roch

This morning (9.12). it was the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) not the NOPD called to St. Roch, and the story had a much happier ending. At 3:51a.m. the one alarm sounded and the NOFD scrambled to a fire at 2701 Marais Street.

Swift Rebuke

LA Swift Bus Service to End July 31, Supporters Search for Funding

After seven years of cheap transport from the Crescent City to the Capital, the LA Swift bus service is out of funding.

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