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Defender Picks


Disclouse Dilemma

Behind the Campaign Finance Lawsuit that May Have Kept Caroline Fayard Out of the Secretary of State's Race

The Louisiana Secretary of State election lost its sex appeal September 8, when Caroline Fayard departed from the contest. But aside from that statement, the motivations behind the decision to withdraw from the race haven't been forthcoming from the Democratic party's nonstarting “rock star.”

Blue Dogged

Bad Omens Trump Numbers for State Democrats' Election Hopes

It's official: The state Democratic Party won't field any statewide candidates this year. Still, poll numbers showed they had at least a chance. Are party brass starting to believe their own bad press?

The EWE Effect

Can Edwin Edwards' Resurgence in Popularity Help the Louisana Dems?

Metro New Orleans has been casting a wayward eye to coyotes recently, but the rest of the state's attention has been commanded by the silver fox.

Buddy Leach Unveils the Donkey Pool

Desperate times call for, well, you know, and the Louisiana Democrats have recognized this need for change. The party's chairman announced a slate of candidates for this fall's eligible statewide offices yesterday, and none of them had atta-boy nicknames like "Butch," or "Buddy." There wasn't even a "Skip." In his much-hyped speech to the Baton Rogue Press Club, Claude Leach, a "Buddy" himself, threw out 11 potential candidates for the fall elections, which include offices like secretary of state, lieutenant governor and, that obscure title known as governor. But with the Democrats still lacking a candidate for the state's highest office, Leach didn't point out who would end up where.  

Caroline Fayard Sending Out an SoS

Remember how there weren't any Democrats that wanted to run against Bobby Jindal? Well, they still aren't. Before she was widely hated on bumpers, it seemed like N.O. lawyer and former lieutenant gov candidate Caroline Fayard might have been lurching toward challenging the gov. But she announced today that she's opting for Secretary of State instead, telling the AP it was the "best fit." Possible translation: The one where she won't get landslided. In any case, her opponent will be Tom Schedler, a Republican who took over for Jay Dardenne after he beat Fayard. As for the governor's race... John Georges, all eyes are apparently on you.

Caroline Fayard Takes First Step Toward Candidacy for Gov: Being Hated

The Republican Party's (growing) hold of Louisiana is such that Bobby Jindal was widely seen to be cruising to re-election later this year. Even big-name Democrats who think they have a remote shot at winning a statewide election...well, wait! There aren't any of those. Right? Well, maybe not. Caroline Fayard, who was well-financed on the way to getting landslided in last year's lieutentant governor's race, seems to be cropping up as a potential Democratic challenger.

Don't Have a Cao

As voters gear up to cast their ballot tomorrow, it's been easy to figure out which candidates are down in the polls. In these final days, across the noble canyons of democracy echo the sweet siren song of last-minute attack ads. The very roots of the tree of our country's civic life to be sure! Details after the jump.

True Blue

Showing that she's serious about spending a lot of money in her campaign for lieutenant gov, the novice-yet-blue-blooded Caroline Fayard has so far outspent state Secretary of State Jay Dardenne after raising a total of $1.4 million in the race - including a $440,000 loan to herself. Bet the interest will be nice! The blue support doesn't only come from her veins, as Fayard received a solid investment of about $430,000 from the state Democratic Party for advertising. Dardenne, meanwhile, has raised $1.5 million total, but still trails in spending. We're hoping he's planning to use it for a pre-election rally in the CajunDome with campaign X-factor and defeated Republican rival Sammy Kershaw.

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