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Defender Picks


All the Fray

The Story Behind LBJ's NOLA Civil Rights Speech

HBO premiered “All the Way,” a small screen adaptation of Robert Schenkkan’s TONY award winning play about the early years of LBJ’s presidency and the cicil rights movement. The critically acclaimed film featured proud New Orleans native Anthony Mackie as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but the NOLA connections go back some 50 plus years. At the center of the work is a speech delivered by the POTUS in an attempt to curb the Dixiecrat faction.

H-Bomb: Mitch Endorses Hillary

Mayor Mitch is not feeling the Bern. On Wednesday, Landrieu weighed in on the Democratic primary. In a written statement, the Mayor threw his support behind Hillary Clinton and likened Bernie Sanders platform to the “tooth fairy.”

Metry Feels The Bern

Metaire may be David Vitter’s hometown, but right now residents are feeling the Bern. Surging Democratic dark horse Bernie Sanders opened a campaign office in the New Orleans suburb on Sunday (1.31).

Have A Cao Man

The race to replace David Vitter in the U.S. Senate is getting crowded. On Tuesday (12.15), former Congressman Anh Joseph Cao shot off an email to supporters that detailed his plans to seek the soon-to-be vacant office on Capitol Hill.

Colbert Skewers Jindal in "Hungry For Power Games" (Video)

The end of Bobby Jindal’s campaign did not mean the end of Candidate J’s national role as a punchline. After news of the ended effort broke, Stephen Colbert delivered a “Hunger Games” style sendoff to da Gov’.

Jindal Out

Well, that’s four years down the drain. On Tuesday (11.17) afternoon, Bobby Jindal announced that he will be suspending his presidential bid. With poll numbers in the low single digits and flagging finances, the move came as a surprise to few.

Jindal's Jam

If nothing else, Bobby Jindal is consistent. Candidate J’s campaign finances are a mess rivaled only by the state of the Louisiana budget. This week the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released candidate filings for the quarter ending September 30th and Jindal is on a perilous perch. His campaign is sitting with just under 261,000 dollars in spending money.

SNL Jabs Jindal Again

Bobby Jindal has long been a metaphorical punchline to many Louisianans. Now, Saturday Night Live is making Candidate J a literal punchline for many Americans. A sketch during this weekend’s (10.03) show focused on a satirical drug called “Abilify” that will cure people of dementia causing them to think that they can be the POTUS. As one can imagine, Jindal provided an easy kicker.

Hot Spots

Election season arrived along with football season. With registration over, the push for votes is in overdrive. All four candidates eying the mansion in Baton Rouge are pushing their cause through the miracles of modern video. NoDef has the highlights after the jump.

Trump Card: Bobby J Rants About The Donald

Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign is a mere blip on the polls. So, in a time honored political tradition, Candidate J is attacking the man at the top of the polls. Jindal used the entirety of a morning speech at the National Press Club to attack Donald Trump who he describes as a “dangerous” “egomaniac.”

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