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Defender Picks


Ballot Blowout

Edwards Upsets Vitter

Saturday (11.21) bore witness to one of the largest upsets in Louisana political history. Democrat John Bel Edwards defeated Republican David Vitter by nearly ten percent to become the next goveror of Louisiana.Billy Nunguesser offed Kip Jolden tot winthe race for Lieutenant Governor and Jeff Landry outed incumbent James "Buddy" Caldwell for Attorney General.

SCOTUS Scuffle: Mitch Sick of Jindal's Games

Mayor Mitch is no fan of Candidate Jindal’s recent orders and declarations. A few months ago, he even began romancing the Old Grey Lady with the intent of rebutting Bobby J. The relationship did not get any better on Friday (6.26) after Jindal tried to block the SCOTUS decision guaranteeing marriage for all.

Jindal, Caldwell Ignore SCOTUS on Same Sex Marriage

Even as celebrations ring throughout New Orleans, Louisiana's leaders opposing today’s Supreme Court decision are working to block the ruling from affecting state laws. Today’s ruling declared that laws that ban same-sex couples from getting married are unconstitutional. Detractors of the decision include Governor Bobby Jindal and Attorney General Buddy Caldwell— both of whom say that they will not honor the ruling unless a court order is issued. 

NOLA Man Caught in Child Porn Sting

An Orleans Parish man was one of four locals netted in a multi-agency child porn crackdown helmed by Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office. The quartet are accused of distributing thousands of sexual images of underage children as young as three years old.

Going Viral: Injunction Bars Ebola Ashes From LA Landfill

Put away the duct tape and plastic tarps. Ebola will not be coming to Louisiana in any form today (10.13). This morning Judge Bob Downing of Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Court signed an injunction, requested by Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, that bars incinerated Ebola medical waste from Louisiana landfills.

La. Reps Turn Down Wine Ice Cream

A pair of companies want to add wine ice cream to the many alcoholic party treats found around the Bayou State, but the booze-infused dessert can't make it out of the House. On Monday, the state House of Representatives turned back a bill that would have allowed the product to be sold in Louisiana.

Ex-U.S. Rep Jeff Landry to Run for La. AG

Former Congressman Jeff Landry is set to run for Louisiana Attorney General in 2015. The conservative Republican, who lost his Washington seat after one term in a redistricting-forced runoff with Rep. Charles Boustany, will run for the state post currently held by Buddy Caldwell.

Wine Ice Cream Outlawed in Louisiana

For frozen alcoholic enjoyment, Louisiana will have to stick to daiquiris. Buddy Caldwell has spoken: There will be no wine ice cream in the Bayou State. The state attorney general ruled that the product, which is produced by New York-based Mercer's Dairy, was not allowed in Louisiana shelves because it violates a law that prohibits adulterated foods.

Caldwell's Conundrum

Like any politician named Buddy, Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is tough to pin down. One day, he's near the center of continued calls about the vailidity Obama's birth certificate. The next, he's staking out a position to the left of the President on health care. Such is the life of a Democrat-turned Republican. Read on for a recap of Buddy's week.

Illegal Dispute: La. AG Calls Out Feds' Census Cipherin'

Calling for a recount is nothing new in American politics. As John Adams said, Facts are stubborn things, so the only way to change them is to challenge them in the Supreme Court. Or, something like that. Like the Longs and the many pols with good-old-boy nicknames before him, Buddy Caldwell is challenging Washington's ways. The state Attorney General is taking the bureaucrats back to the playground, and questioning their ability to count. Caldwell filed suit with the U.S. Supreme Court that claims the 2010 U.S. Census count is wrong.

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