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Drinking Culture

All On A Mardi Gras Day

Gentle reader, I write to you from Wednesday with a sore jaw and the taste of ashes in my mouth.  The first dawning after our great festival ever warms a melancholy day.  For never within the year’s reach are we further from another Mardi Gras Day. My friends, we idle for a day together upon the collective couch, amidst the world’s greatest hangover. But be not dismayed: yesterday I was a wizard, and you a king, and you a unicorn, and that other guy was a dung beetle pushing a shopping cart enveloped in a huge piece of papier-mâché feces down Gov. Nicholls.  Yesterday our imaginings rained down like water upon the dry earth of our reality, new-storing those ideas of what it means to live in New Orleans.

Mid City's Wakin' Bakin' Opens Dining Room

For months, people all over the Big Easy have cooked their own eggs and toasted their own boring bread while folks in Mid City enjoyed delivery from Wakin' Bakin' (4408 Banks Street). The hot spot for breakfast became so popular that they decided to open up a dining room and let folks outside of the bayou area get a taste. Now, they’re serving up everything from pancakes to breakfast for sit-down service.  

Ruby Slipper Brings Brunch to Burgundy

by M.D. Dupuy

Frenchmen Street is great for a quick bite at Mona’s or tachos from 13, but nearby residents lack options in terms of neighborhood dining.  Local restaurateurs from Ruby Slippers heard the call of the Marigny folk and brought brunch to Burgundy. That’s right, the breakfast favorite opened their third location on the corner of Touro, and they even added a new item to their expansive menu.

Hueys Opens 24 hr Diner at Old Jax

Huey's 24/7, a diner that never closes, is now officially (re)open in the old Jax Brewer offering a much needed option in the late-night category. Huey's was founded in New Orleans in 2003, and has since opened successful spinoffs in Hammond and New York, but it took over five years to reopen the New Orleans flagship.

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