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Memorial in Music

Songs of the Storm, Flood, & Recovery

New Orleans is a city built on music. It is no surprise that after Katrina anger about the Federal Flood and love for the Crescent City was manifest in music by artists both local and national. Ten years later, NoDef is looking back at some of the best compositions inspired by the Storm, the levee breach, and the recovery.

Gentilly Fights Blight, Remembers Katrina

Park Pushed for Site of Levee Breach

Katrina is nearly nine years passed, but reminders remain. The blighted site of one levee breach in Gentily is set to become a park. This morning, representatives from the advocacy group announced plans to work with neighborhood residents and the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to transform the vacant space at 5000 Warrington Drive into an open-air exhibit and garden.

Sinkhole Saga: Water Rushes in After Berm Breach

Up in Assumption Parish, the sinkhole is still burping. And now there's leakage to contend with. After heavy rains on Thursday night, a berm around the western side of the disaster site breached, allowing water to fill up the sinkhole in five spots, according to officials.

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