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Defender Picks



April 17th

Jazz in the Park

Armstrong Park (3 p.m.)

This year’s free concert series kicks off with Fifth Ward Weebie, the Landry-Walker Marching Band, and Glen David Andrews  


Umphrey's McGee

Civic Theatre (7 p.m.)

with Lionize


Tuba Skinny

Ogden Museum (5:30 p.m.)

After Hours with food from Miss Linda’s Soul Food Catering, drinks, and more. Admission is $10  


Concerts in the Courtyard

Historic New Orleans Collection (6 p.m.)

French Quarter happy hour, with cocktails and music! This week, featuring the New Orleans Nightingales


The Breton Sound

Gasa Gasa (9 p.m.)

with Pinkerton


Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas

Rock n Bowl (8:30 p.m.)

Zydeco Night!


Soul Rebels

Le Bon Temps Roule (11 p.m.)

Brass band jam on Magazine Street!


April 18th

Sirens Album Release

Gasa Gasa (7 p.m.)

With Madonnathan & All People, Brent Houzenga, and more  


Uptown Get Down feat. Chicken George

Tipitina's (9 p.m.)

Plus DJ Quickie Mart, Unicorn Fukr & more


Ellis Marsalis Quartet

Snug Harbor (8 p.m., 10 p.m.)

Famous local Jazz pianist and bandleader performs  


Singin' in the Rain Screening

NOMA’s Sculpture Garden (5 p.m.)

Friday nights at NOMA and Moonlight Movies come together  



House of Blues (9 p.m.)

Rapper makes stop on his My Krazy Life tour  


Guitar Lightnin' Lee

Kermit’s Mother in Law Lounge (10 p.m.)

Bluesy New Orleans guitar   

Dome Defect: BP Says Sheen is From New Oil Leak Near Macondo Well

BP thinks the latest Gulf oil is coming from a leaky dome. According to a statement released Thursday afternoon, the sheen discovered above the Deepwater Horizon on Sept. 16 is seeping small globules of oil out of a containment dome that was used in one of the company's many ineffective attempts to cap the Macondo well. The structure is not currently in use, BP said.

BP Summons Robots Back to Leaky Oil Duty at Deepwater Horizon Site

It's like 2010 all over again at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, as robots, BP, Transocean and the Coast Guard are getting ready for a reunion in the Gulf. The two companies are getting set to use the underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and satellite technology to get a bead on the size and source of the oil sheen that's hovering above the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

BP Promising Deep Clean of New Tar Mats

BP used dish soap to make oil disappear when it was still in the water. Now that the oil is still appearing on beaches, the British oil giant is looking take a page out of the book of human soap Neutrogena. The company wants to give Louisiana beaches a deep clean. The giant oil company is asking permission from the Coast Guard to dig 4-5 ft. below the surface to clean tar mats and tarballs from the Big Oozy that were discovered last week on a stretch of Louisiana beaches from Port Fourchon to Elmer's Island. The state closed that stretch after the new oil was found.

BP Recoups Billions From Gulf Oil Sale

A week after a legal basting by the feds that makes a settlement for the Deepwater Horizon disaster seem unlikely, BP is making good on a plan that would free up money to pay penalties and cleanup costs. The company announced it was making good on a plan to sell off $5.5 billion if Gulf oil assets Monday morning. The British oil giant is selling its stake in three operational oil drilling areas to Plains Exploration and Prodcution Co., according to a statement released this morning. The sale of the assets is widely believed to be necessary for the company to cover the Big Oozy cleanup. However, BP didn't say as much in their statement.

DOJ Slams BP

Filing Calls Out Oil Giant for 'Gross Negligence' in Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Threatens Trial

After countless reports and hearings undertaken by the rest of the federal government, the U.S. Department of Justice weighed in on the Big Oozy this week. Legally speaking, things are getting even more disgusting for BP in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, as prospects for a settlement with the feds may be dimming.

Twice Fallen

On Deepwater Horzion, BP and Transocean Focused on Preventing Personal Injury Instead of Catastrophe, Didn't Learn From Past Explosion, Report Says

Morris Bart's commercials might be a tad overblown, but the multibillion-dollar companies that operate offshore oil rigs take personal injury lawyers like him seriously. A little too seriously, in fact, according to the results of a new independent federal investigation.

RESTORE Act Passes Congress

After weeks of looking like it might pass then eventually not passing, a transportation bill containing a key provision for Gulf states in the wake of the Big Oozy was waved home by the U.S. House of Representatives today, setting it up to head to the President's desk for signing. The RESTORE Act dedicates 80 percent of fine money paid by BP and the others responsible for the Big Oozy to pay for enviornmental and economic programs in Gulf states.

BP, Shell Bid High at First Gulf Oil Sale Since Disaster

by Shay Sokol

The feds haven't gotten to the bottom of the Big Oozy yet, but they threw oil companies itching to go back to the bottom of the Gulf a bone yesterday, allowing the black gold miners to bid on new tracts of land for drilling in the same area of the body of water as the Macondo well for the first time since the Deepwater Horizon blew. Centered at the Superdome, the first offshore oil lease sale in the Central Gulf since 2010 brought 56 offshore energy companies to submit 593 bids on 2.4 million acres.

Kevin Costner, Stephen Baldwin Heading to Court This Week Over 'Ocean Therapy' Dispute

Whether it will be more Hatfields & McCoys or Usual Suspects remains to be seen, but the movie actors Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin are set to step into a New Orleans court this week. At the root of their dispute is those Waterworld gizmos Costner was showing off in 2010 that were supposed to clean up the Big Oozy.

Indicted BP Engineer Says Secret Evidence Will Set Him Free

The only person charged with a crime in connection to the Big Oozy would appear to be an open-and-shut case for the feds. Former BP Engineer Kurt Mix allegedly destroyed text messages that discuss the amount of oil that was pulsing out of the Macondo well around this time in 2010. Since the texts are nowhere to be found, one might assume he was caught in the act. But yesterday, Mix said he has secret evidence that will get him off the hook. For now, the evidence will remain a secret unless a judge rules otherwise because of somebody else's attorney-client privilege. Until then, we'll mine past secrets for clues as to what it could be.

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