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Defender Picks



April 18th

Sirens Album Release

Gasa Gasa (7 p.m.)

With Madonnathan & All People, Brent Houzenga, and more  


Nigel Hall and Friends 

Blue Nile (10 p.m.)

with Eric Bolivar, Andrew Block, Eric Bloom, and Eric Vogel 


Uptown Get Down feat. Chicken George

Tipitina's (9 p.m.)

Plus DJ Quickie Mart, Unicorn Fukr & more


Ellis Marsalis Quartet

Snug Harbor (8 p.m., 10 p.m.)

Famous local Jazz pianist and bandleader performs  


Singin' in the Rain Screening

NOMA’s Sculpture Garden (5 p.m.)

Friday nights at NOMA and Moonlight Movies come together  



House of Blues (9 p.m.)

Rapper makes stop on his My Krazy Life tour  


Guitar Lightnin' Lee

Kermit’s Mother in Law Lounge (10 p.m.)

Bluesy New Orleans guitar   


April 19th

Booksigning with Arita Bohannan

Gallery Burguieres (7 p.m.)

Author reads and signs copies of crime drama ‘Docket 76’  


Easter Keg Hunt


NOLA Brewing (1 p.m.)

?Scavenger hunt beginning at the taproom, to benefit Gulf Restoration Network 


Gaynielle Neville

Maple Leaf (10:30 p.m.)

CD Release Party  



Howlin’ Wolf (9:30 p.m.)

Plus YMCMB Flow, G Unit’s Kidd Kidd, 5th Ward Weebie, and 3D Natee


SwampGrease feat. Nigel Hall & Terence Higgins 

Tipitina's (9 p.m.)

Andrew Block, Eric Vogel, Erica Falls, Kendrick Marshall, plus John Lisi and Delta Funk


Shoebox Lounge

Shadowbox Theatre (8 p.m.)

Shoes, booze, and prostitutes


Earth Day Fest

Armstrong Park (10 a.m.- 7 p.m.)

Green Business Expo, music, and more from La. Bucket Brigade 


HUSTLE with DJ Soul Sister

Hi Ho Lounge (11 p.m.- 3 a.m.)

Rare grooves from the '70's every Saturday 


Corey Henry's Treme Funktet

Blue Nile (10 p.m.)

Local trombonist and his band play traditional NOLA music, from blues, to jazz, to gospel 


Anchors Away

by Kyle Gilmore

 BP is going to remove the thousands of anchors left behind by the booms used throughout the gulf to aid in the oil spill cleanup. Well, they’re not going to remove the anchors, they're going to search for them. Well, before they actually begin their search they're going to place more anchors in local waters to see what is the best way to search for them. Then they’re going to begin the actual search for them. Finally they're going to seriously consider removing the anchors. 

The Song Remains the Claim

BP gave the feds serious cash to give to Gulf Coast residents affected by the Big Oozy. But like a deepsea robot trying to hit the right fuse on the blowout preventer, the plan didn't stanch complaints that people weren't being properly compensated for losses. Then again, has anyone ever looked into who was getting the money? Escrow-verlord Ken Feinberg said yesterday there's probably thousands of cases of fraud that he's turning over to the Justice Department. In one case, a woman in Gretna was compensated for losses at a restaurant that closed a year before the Horizon was marred. So what's next in the claims process?

The Doctor is In!

We know that the oil is not gone. However, our friends in Washington seemed to have caught some amnesia... That's the Big Easy's best medical professional is heading North. That's right Dr. John is taking our cause to the Big Chiefs in Washington.

BP Probes BP...Again

With the Big Oozy still a key cog in this environmental terror we've constructed, BP is hard at work insuring that nothing about the disaster looks as bad as it is. To put a lasting artistic statement on a trove of hard-hitting docu-ads, the glass-half-full behemoth recently commissioned a production company they have on speed dial to make a feature length film about the oil.

Big Oozy Still in da' House

Do y'all remember when we had that oil spill in the Gulf? You know the reason, they're handing out those checks? And, then remember when everything was magically alright?

Surprise! Apparently, everything is not alright!

We watch some quality footage in which a Cajun fishermen demonstrates the oil's staying power with only outboard motor. [VIA] And then we take a look at some folks a lot smarter than us at MIT usin' science to make us even more concerned about the seafood. [VIA]

Watch for yourself after the break...

Keep on Shuckin'

The time has come to talk of many things- of temps and closures, of flows and goo, and whether dining habits will ever be the same. Oyster Season opened yesterday  in Louisiana.  But oyster eaters will only fracture a fraction of the once plentiful mollusks.  A fatal trifecta of precautionary closures (thanks again, BP), the redirection of freshwater streams into oyster inhabited saltwater, and a final blow from mother nature- scalding summer temperatures, will leave fewer entrees at Acme than prior years. Proving once again that even shellfish cannot escape bureaucracy, the Governor’s Oyster Advisory Committee pushes forward, meeting today at UNO to discuss allocating BP Reimbursement Funds.

Plume or Bloom?

Sometimes, in the midst of the recent spat over whether or not there is still oil in the Gulf, it's hard to remember BP was the superpower that first made our blood boil, all those months ago. Taking the yolk off the oil giant's shoulders is the U.S. government. Last week, a NOAA official told Da Paper there was no oil worth mentioning at "5 or 5,000 feet." But that wasn't enough to swat away those pesky scientists who keep dipping their really nice research equipment in the deep sea, or fishermen who keep using their eyes.

BP Oil Spill Evaluation Wrong, and Other Illuminations

by Arielle Schecter

The president of Plaquemines Parish, Billy Nungesser, is not making any friends at this year's Clean Gulf Conference in Tampa. Claiming that the cleanup workers are doing anything but cleaning up - "not one of them has oil on their shirts" - Nungesser has almost singlehandedly disrupted the event, which  NoDef understands to be a clusterfuck of Chevron coozie give-aways and PowerPoints on marine biology. Hey Billy, don't you know the spill is so passe? The magic microbes have eaten all the oil!

Cover Oil

Do y'all still have a stack of decades old National Geographic mags laying around? You never know when photos of exotic lands, endangered wildlife, and tribal life might come in handy! However, this month, we are those strange subjects under the lens as NatGeo rolls out an oil spill issue.

Tangled Web We Sheen

We once were lost, but now we're found. We once had sheen, but now just plume. Obviously, Grace has saved the Gulf. Accordingly then Feds sent NoDef an email update informing us that the Unified Command for Deepwarter Horizon will be shuttering their website. All future information will flow from the new Restore The new website looks and sounds much less appocalyptic which means they are diverging from NOLA's aesthetic. All the same, we are happy to sleeping again now that the web says the crisis is over.

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