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Defender Picks


The Science of Success

Havilah Malone, Media Entrepreneur & NLP Expert, Shares Her Tips for Empowerment

“I believe in the law of correspondence — what happens on the inside is reflected on the outside,” the young woman with a commanding yet genial voice explained one late-April afternoon in New Orleans. “And despite what some might think, we have control over what goes on on the inside.” When Havilah Malone speaks, it is wise to listen. The media figure kindly shared her own story as well as some top tips for success with NoDef.

What’s So Tremendous About Comfort?

A Review of Laura Mullen’s Complicated Grief

Laura Mullen’s writing, especially her emphasis on genre hybridity, urges readers to face emotional and intellectual discomfort by committing to the (perceived) challenges of reading contemporary poetry and prose.

Lamb Slam!

By Sarah Slaughter for Room220

National Poetry Slam champion Justin Lamb is releasing his first chapbook, Everything Has A Place, onSaturday, Jan. 16th, at The Space (Cellar Door, 916 Lafayette St.). Doors open at 7 PM, and the show will begin at 8 PM. The show is free and open to the public (21+). Chapbooks will be available for sale.

Five Questions

Author Michael Allen Zell Talks New Novel and NOLA

Michael Allen Zell’s thrid book, Run Baby Run was just published by Lavender Ink. A slight departure from Zell’s previous work, Run Baby Run is a crime novel set in New Orleans. NoDef sat down with the author to gain some quick insight into the story and its relation to the City.

Room 220

Please Forward: An Interview With Cynthia Joyce

A decade on, their images endlessly recycled on-screen, it is hard in the swirl of activity surrounding the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to forget how shocking those first visuals were. The scenes of devastation broadcast in living rooms, airports, motels, and restaurants around the country seem indelibly inked on our national mind, to the point where they are now a familiar part of our visual lexicon.

Room 220

What you were always trying to avoid was being party to an atrocity: An interview with Michael Pitre

Michael Pitre’s debut novel, Fives and Twenty-fives, delves into a war of endless tedium and Sisyphean roadwork, but there is no boredom. There is only routine, which saves lives, and a fog of death that clouds them. Each day, the soldiers—Pitre joined the Marines in 2002 and was twice deployed to Iraq—find potholes and, in each, a bomb. They deactivate the devices and move on to the next, motivated by banal routine rather than a sense of accomplishment.

Getting Used to It

Gwendolyn Knapp Talks Writing, NOLA, and IBS

Humidity, sweat, grease and the occasional hangover: these are things the New Orleanian must accept. But add to that gastrointestinal problems, hoarding and the search for your soul mate and you’re really in for a doozy. In her new book After A While You Just Get Used To It, Gwendolyn Knapp explores all these phenomena that make up a southern woman’s life— especially one living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

Bobby J, Southern Scribe?

Bobby Jindal has not officially decided whether he is running for POTUS. But, gosh, he sure loves to visit Iowa and New Hampshire. He also likes addressing conferences filled with deep pocketed donors. Apparently, Jindal also likes writing books. This week, Threshold Editions announced that da Gov’ has a new tome set for release.

Room 220: Speaking in Tongues, Part II

Los Invisibles Inmigrantes of the Post-Katrina New Orleans Reconstruction Apocalypse Blues

This is an excerpt Immigrant Dreams and Alien Nightmares, a new collection of poetry by José Torres-Tama. Room 220 will host a Post-Brunch Salon to celebrate its release from 3-5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 7, at the Press Street HQ (3718 St. Claude Ave.)

Room 220: Speaking in Tongues

Bilingual Native Citizen of the Hemispheric Americas: Latino Immigrants & the Reconstruction

This is an excerpt from the introduction to Immigrant Dreams and Alien Nightmares, a new collection of poetry by José Torres-Tama. Room 220 will host a Post-Brunch Salon to celebrate its release from 3-5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 7, at the Press Street HQ (3718 St. Claude Ave.)

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