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Defender Picks



May 23rd

Greek Fest

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Eat, dance and drink wine from a tiny cup


Dax Riggs

One Eyed Jacks, 9p.m.

Swampy southern folk rock plus opening band Strange Roux


Papa Roach

House of Blues, 7p.m.

Hard rock with heavy metal influence


Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Mahalia Jackson, 7:30p.m.

Performance of Verdi’s Requiem with vocals by Elizabeth DeShong, Alfred Walker, Lori Guilbeau and Paul Groves


Say My Name, Say My Name: Stories of LGBT Youth

Ashe Powerhouse Theatre, 7p.m.

BreakOUT presents stories of transgender youth


Woodenhead Forty Year Itch

Chickie Wah Wah, 10p.m.

Instrumental rock on Canal


May 24th

Tom Leggett

30-90, 5p.m.

New Orleans based singer songwriter jazzes up the new Frenchmen St. venue


Joe Krown Trio

Maple Leaf, 10p.m.

Regular show featuring the “Wolfman” and Russell Batiste


Geoff Clapp Organ Quartet

Snug Harbor, 8p.m.

Clapp is joined by Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson on alto sax

Bobby J Vows To Enact "Religious Freedom"

Bobby J is continuing his fight against gay marriage, regardless of Louisiana's legislature. After a bipartisan vote on the legislature sank a controversial “religious freedom” bill, Jindal announced that he will enact the major provisions of the torpedoed legislation via executive order.

Rainbow Relief: Committee Kills "Religious Freedom" Bill

On Tuesday (5.19), the House Committee on Civil Law and Procedure killed a “religious freedom” bill similar to controversial legislation passed and then partially reversed in Indiana and Arkansas. The bipartisan 10-2 vote put an end to one of Governor Jindal’s major talking points on the (non) campaign trail.

Jindal Forms Committee, DNC's Puppy Yawns

Bobby Jindal continued his flirtations with a run for POTUS today and Dems were not amused. Da Gov’ announced his intent to form an exploratory committee and the Democratic National Committee responded with a YouTube video.

Bobby J, Southern Scribe?

Bobby Jindal has not officially decided whether he is running for POTUS. But, gosh, he sure loves to visit Iowa and New Hampshire. He also likes addressing conferences filled with deep pocketed donors. Apparently, Jindal also likes writing books. This week, Threshold Editions announced that da Gov’ has a new tome set for release.

Hawkeye of the Tiger: Jindal (Unofficially) Campaigns in Iowa

Bobby Jindal is taking the weekend off from LSU’s potential exigency and the state’s massive budget shortfall. Da Gov’ says that he has not decided whether a run for the Republican Presidential nomination is in his future. However, he did decide to visit Iowa (again) for a few days.

Bobby Jindal Loves Freedom But Not Gay Marriage or Corporate Bullies

Bobby Jindal seems to enjoy doubling down on extremely controversial positions after the rest of the G.O.P. abandons them. (See the curious case of the “No-Go Zones.”) In a New York Times Op-Ed today (4.24), da Gov’ doubles down on his support for Louisiana’s version of the “religious freedom” legislation that has been rolled back amidst claims of homophobia and threatened boycotts in Indiana and Arkansas.

Jindal Picks Up Duck Dynasty Endorsement & Equality Condemnation

Bobby Jindal is no stranger to controversy. In fact, some pundits speculate that da Gov’ actively courts it. On Monday (4.13), Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson endorsed Bobby J’s unofficial bid for the POTUS position and Equality Louisiana slammed Jindal’s position on discrimination.

Gov' on Love: Jindal Weighs In On "Religious Freedom" Bills

The Louisiana legislature is about to convene their annual session and a massive budget gap is looming. So naturally, Bobby Jindal is taking to the airwaves to promote the possibility of a presidential campaign. Jindal appeared on Meet the Press today to weigh in on “religious freedom” bills as well as his rumored bid for the mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Jindal Pushes Iran Letter

Bobby Jindal does not have much foreign policy experience, an impediment in the forthcoming Republican primaries. So, da Gov’ is working hard to vocally insert himself into the ongoing debates about matters abroad. Recently, Jindal has set his crosshairs on the G.O.P. cause celebre, Senator Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran.

Straw Man? Jindal Fails at CPAC Poll

Bobby Jindal refuses to state whether he has decided to run for POTUS or if he just likes to visit Iowa, New Hampshire, and conservative retreats. Da Gov’ still found himself running in an election this weekend. Jindal was candidate in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)’s straw poll and he did not fare well.

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