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Defender Picks


ACLU: Jindal's "Religious Freedom" Not Free & Really Dumb

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against Bobby Jindal on Tuesday (6.30). The legal action is aimed at blocking Candidate Jindal’s May 19 executive order on “religious freedom” which allows business owners to deny services to same sex couples.

Jindal on MTP: Iowa, Marriage,& Poor Polls

For a change, Bobby Jindal is angling for some national publicity. On Sunday (6.28) morning, da Gov’ appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press to push his presidential bid. Jindal talked a lot about same sex marriage, polls, and even Buddy Roemer got a mention.

SCOTUS Scuffle: Mitch Sick of Jindal's Games

Mayor Mitch is no fan of Candidate Jindal’s recent orders and declarations. A few months ago, he even began romancing the Old Grey Lady with the intent of rebutting Bobby J. The relationship did not get any better on Friday (6.26) after Jindal tried to block the SCOTUS decision guaranteeing marriage for all.

Crawfish '16

By Lucy Leonard, additional reporting from NoDef Staff

As the 2016 Presidential campaign trail heats up, a new contender is throwing its hat into the race— that’s right, according to a Facebook page with upwards of 12,000 Likes, a crawfish, named Crawfish, is running for President of the United States. Specifically, he is trying to gain more support on social median than da Gov’.

#Shocker: Bobby Jindal Running For Prez

Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, Bobby Jindal is throwing his cap into the crowded Republican presidential primary. Wednesday (6.24), da Gov’ looked past his one percent in the polls and took to Twitter and the web to announce the run.

Red Flags in the Red Stick

Government and business leaders were supposed to gather in Baton Rouge and officially open IBM’s National Service Center today. Unfortunately, red ribbons were replaced by red flags in the Red Stick. Instead of pomp, IBM cancelled the event after coming to odds with Governor Jindal over gay rights.

Bobby Jindal: Soundbyte Machine

Bobby Jindal is gearing up for his June 24 campaign announcement. Until that glorious day in Kenner arrives, da Gov’ is busy making the rounds of national (Iowa) media. This week, he deviated from his normal stories of the American Dream and Christ to deliver a few choice quotes on current events ranging from the Charleston tragedy to medical marijuana. Click through for the week's highlights.

Jindal's POTUS Announcement Set for Kenner (Brah)

Bobby Jindal has been praying, considering, and exploring a run for the G.O.P. presidential run for over a year. NOLA’s burlesque scene has nothing on da’ Gov’s mastery of the tease, but soon the dance will come to a a conclusion. On June 24, Jindal will announce his decision… in Kenner.

Jindal Jabbers About Paul, Prez (Video)

Bobby J took the national airwaves this morning to push his potential campaign for the Republican nomination. Given his lack of support, Jindal was only allocated a few minutes on ABC’s This Week. He used his time with host George Stephanopoulos to attack Senator Rand Paul as well as to push some now rote lines.

Straw Tiger: Jindal Strikes Out in SLRC Poll

It seems as though each week brings a different gathering for G.O.P. hopefuls and another trip out of state for Bobby J. This weekend, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) gathered in Oklahoma City. (Putting aside the fact that Oklahoma is not really part of the South), da Gov’ joined several declared candidates at the forum.

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