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Defender Picks



September 2nd

Gentleman’s Agreement

Prytania, 10a.m.

Gregory Peck stars as a journalist 


Culture Collision

US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center, 5:30p.m.

65 of New Orlean’s visual and performing arts organizations culturally colliding


The Fritz

Gasa Gasa, 9p.m.

Funk rock from Asheville


Hill Country Hounds

Maple Leaf Bar, 9p.m.

Country rock hailing from the mountains of the USA


Hazy Ray

Howlin’ Wolf, 8:30p.m.

Funk-rock with a New Orleans twist


Major Bacon

Banks St. Bar, 10p.m.

Grammy-nominated jazz and free BLTs


September 3rd


OEJ, 7p.m.

Rock/metal from Olympia, Washington


Ogden After Hours

Ogden, 6p.m.

This week ft. Chase Gassaway



Contemporary Arts Center, 7p.m. 

Film screening explores the life a Parisian musician after the peak of his musical career


Bayou International Reggae Night 

Blue Nile, 11p.m.

Reggae spun by DJ T



Freret St. Publiq House, 9:30p.m.

The classic Nola crew rocks Freret


Thursdays at Twilight

City Park, 6p.m.

This week ft. Joe Krown Swing Band


September 4th

Mötley Crüe

Smoothie King Center, 8p.m.

The heavy metal band’s final tour


Louisiana Seafood Festival 

City Park Festival Grounds, 11a.m.

Celebration of the state’s seafood and music


Saints vs. Packers

Lambeau Field, 6p.m.

Last preseason game



Friday Nights at NOMA

NOMA, 5p.m.

Arts and Letters with Thomas Beller


Foundation Free Fridays

Tip’s, 9p.m.

Free evening of music this week ft. Flow Tribe and Stoop Kids


futureBased + Carneyval

Republic, 10p.m. 

Get your electronic fix


September 5th

Super Fresh Hip Hop Fest

Lakefront Arean, 8p.m.

Salt N Pepa, Slick Rick and others take Nola


Louisiana Seafood Festival 

City Park Festival Grounds, 11a.m.

Celebration of the state’s seafood and music



Howlin’ Wolf, 9:30p.m.

Naughty Professor + Elysian Feel and more



Bourbon Street Extravaganza

Bourbon and St. Ann Streets, 6p.m.

Free outdoor concert as part of Southern Decadence


Crescent City Farmer’s Market

700 Magazine St., 8a.m.-12p.m.

Downtown edition of the city's prime local market


September 6th

Louisiana Seafood Festival 

City Park Festival Grounds, 11a.m.

Last day to grab some seafood and catch some jams


Mistress America

Prytania, 12p.m.;2p.m.;4p.m.;6p.m.;8p.m.;10p.m.

A college freshman is seduced by her step-sister’s mad schemes


What So Not

Republic, 9p.m.

Australian electronic music project


September Open Mic & Slam

Old Marquer Theater, 6:30p.m.

Monthly slam and fundraiser 


Southern Decadence Walking Parade

Golden Lantern, 2p.m.

Pride and parades

Medicaid Escapade

Planned Parenthood Takes Jindal to Court

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is taking the Jindal administration to court. The legal fracas is aimed at blocking the Governor’s plan to cut off funding to the organization.

(Mary) Landrieu on Jindal: Hypocrite, Shameful, Self Promoter

Mary Landrieu may have moved from the Senate to K Street, but she still has some thoughts on politics both nationally and locally. Bobby Jindal aims to sit at the intersection of those realms, and former Senator was not shy about her opinion of da Gov’ in a recent interview. Simply put, Landrieu is not impressed or as she phrased it, “Bobby Jindal is a hypocrite. He’s shameful and he’s a self promoter. And, everyone in Louisiana knows this.”

Sucker Bet? Bookies Cold on Jindal

The chattering class is abuzz with dissection of last night’s debate. Was the Donald targeted? Who won the Christie-Paul showdown. However, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal also debated last nigh— in an earlier event nicknamed “the kids’ table.” Aside from a couple nods to Carly Fiorina, the pundits left that one alone; so, NoDef turned to the bookies for some analysis. And, the oddsmakers were not impressed by Candidate J.

Jindal Loses Push-Up Contest

Bobby Jindal’s dismal poll numbers are apparently not confined to Louisiana. Fox News chose the ten G.O.P. candidates with the highest poll numbers to participate in their  primetime Thursday (8.06) debate. Jindal did not make the cut. However, Candidate J found some consolation by participating in a push up contest with for BuzzFeed.

Jindal Targets Planned Parenthood

By Lucy Leonard

Though Democrats yesterday (8.3) blocked the Republican-led attempt to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will not be deterred. Following the release of undercover videos that show Planned Parenthood officials allegedly discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research, Jindal called not only for an investigation of the organization by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and the F.B.I., but also for the termination of the Medicaid provider contract between the DHH and Planned Parenthood. 

Mass Mayor Puts Jindal On Blast

Bobby Jindal may not make the first Republican primary debate, but he has found himself wrapped in an argument with a different opponent. The Mayor of Sommerville, Massachusetts slammed Candidate J as a “fear monger” and demanded that Jindal “come and get me!” 

Playing FarmVille?

Bobby Jindal is no stranger to polarizing positions or campaign moves seemingly contrary to common sense. On Saturday (7.11) night, Candidate J kept the streak alive traveling to Iowa to announce his opposition to direct federal farm subsidies.

Poll Me Something Mista: Jindal Parades in Iowa (Video)

Bobby Jindal, being a creature of habit, spent his Forth of July weekend in Iowa. On Saturday (7.04), Candidate J even marched in an Independence Day Parade in Urbandale. Parades are a hallowed rite of passage for politicians requiring elevated hand-shaking and selfie snapping skills. Jindal manages to escape gaffe free; the video appears after the jump.

ACLU: Jindal's "Religious Freedom" Not Free & Really Dumb

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against Bobby Jindal on Tuesday (6.30). The legal action is aimed at blocking Candidate Jindal’s May 19 executive order on “religious freedom” which allows business owners to deny services to same sex couples.

Jindal on MTP: Iowa, Marriage,& Poor Polls

For a change, Bobby Jindal is angling for some national publicity. On Sunday (6.28) morning, da Gov’ appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press to push his presidential bid. Jindal talked a lot about same sex marriage, polls, and even Buddy Roemer got a mention.

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