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Defender Picks


Life & Legacy of Jamie Galloway Will Be Celebrated at Annual Crawfish Boil

The life of beloved musician and chef Jamie Galloway will be celebrated at Maple Leaf Bar this weekend, with an annual crawfish boil and street party commemorating the fourth anniversary of his passing at the age of 41-years-old.

Parade Planner: Downtown Irish Club & Jim Monaghan's Parade

With St. Joseph's Day and Super Sunday coming up this weekend, following a week filled with Irish events, it's easy to forget that today is the main day for celebrations. Today (3.17) is actually St. Patrick's Day. The skies are clear today, and two of the biggest parades of the holiday are set to roll around town distributing potatoes, beads, and brews. There will be a few gaelic get-downs at block parties around Uptown. Full details and routes follow. 

Green Scene

Details & Routes for St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

If Carnival came and went too fast for you, you're in luck. St. Patrick's Day provides a mini-season of parades and partying to scratch your itch. In the Quarter, Jim Monaghan’s St. Patrick’s Day rolls for the 35th time and the Downtown Irish Club Parade, an old school classic, will march from Bywater into the Quarter. Uptown, expect a raucous time at the Irish Channel Parade. Plus, there will be block parties galore. Details and routes follow. 

The Big List

Night Out Against Crime Events

Tonight marks the 32nd annual night out against crime, an event initially organized by Officer Kelly Marrione of the NOPD in an effort to increase communication between district officials and the people and neighborhood organizations in the areas they patrol. The national Night Out took place on October 7 in the rest of the country, but in South Louisiana we do things a little different.

NOJO Rising

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra’s Free Block Party and Concert

Irvin Mayfield casts a long shadow over the New Orleans jazz scene. In addition to his work on stage, the virtuoso has recorded numerous hits in the community. His nonprofit, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO), was founded to help spread jazz throughout the city – and the world. NOJO’s next big project is a permanent home, but first they want to meet their new neighbors.

Uptown Block Party Brings the Henrys Back Together

A shuttered Uptown institution comes back to life for one afternoon on Saturday. Former parishioners of St. Henry's Catholic Church (812 General Pershing) are heading into the church for afternoon Mass, then heading out into the streets for a block party to show their devotion to the 155-year-old church.

Today's Events: 4/22/11

April 22, the day that the Communist Pravda is published in St. Petersburg, the first televised coverage of the McCarthy Hearings (1954), the first human eye transplant (1969), the first Earth Day (1970), when Elian Gonzalez returns to Cuba (2000), the births of Vladimir Nabokov (1899), Charles Mingus (1922), Jack Nicholson (1937), and John Waters (1946), and the deaths of Kathe Kollwitz (1945), Cesar Chavez (1993) and Richard Nixon (1994). Heavy stuff…TGIF:

Today's Events: 4/16/11

April 16, when Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly an airplane across the English Channel (1912), when Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered LSD (1943), when Walter Cronkite took lead over the CBS Evening News (1962), when MLK Jr. wrote his ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ (1963), the Virginia Tech massacre (2007), Charlie Chaplin’s birth (1889), and Alexis de Tocqueville’s death (1859). Tough to top, but here goes:

Skanking Imminent at Community Records' Annual Block Party

by Michael Cohn-Geltner

Community Records, the record label that will host tomorrow's annual Block Party outside the Big Top, have an upfront and transparent approach to music. They offer a dollar-by-dollar breakdown of where the buyer’s money goes. The label gets a 15% cut that helps them break even, while 3% plus 30 cents goes to PayPal. The artists receive the rest of the money. This kind of operation, run of the apartment of owners Greg and D-Ray, is reminiscent of a more lenient Touch and Go. Steve Albini might even approve.

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