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Decatur Kitchen Blaze

By Ashley Rouen

It’s not every day a French Quarter fire ignites. At 9:15a.m. Wednesday morning, sirens blared through the streets of the Quarter, while clouds of smoke billowed out of the Decatur St. restaurant, Fiorella’s and into the surrounding neighborhood. Wind coming off the river blew the singing haze across the Lower Quarter, stretching as far as Rampart St.

Four Alarm Blaze in Garden District

Updated 17:04

A four alarm fire in the Garden District spewed smoke across the City on Tuesday (2.24) afternoon. The New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) has been working to put out the inferno for over two hours.

Fireboat Blaze Pulls Collegiate Sailors From Lake

Sometimes college students don’t know when Mardi Gras is over. Three days after Ash Wednesday (2.21), a pair of women from University of Notre Dame had some trouble during the Mardi Gras Regatta. Fortunately, the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) was on the scene.

Pie in the Sky

Blaze Pizza Coming to South Market

New Orleanians have long debated the hierarchy of pizzerias in the city. Now, a new contender is throwing their crust into the fray. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza is not made in a Bywater backyard. The new store is an offshoot of a national chain known for custom pies cooked in a 180 seconds.

Fire in St. Roch

This morning (9.12). it was the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) not the NOPD called to St. Roch, and the story had a much happier ending. At 3:51a.m. the one alarm sounded and the NOFD scrambled to a fire at 2701 Marais Street.

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