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Defender Picks


Today in New Orleans 11.11.12

Once you’re done watching the Saints beat the Falcons, fest it up all over the city today, from Armstrong Park, to Algiers, to St. Claude. On this date in 1994, Harry Connick Jr. appeared on national TV on “Live with Regis and Kelly.” Now, more Sunday happenings.

Krewe of Endymion Unveils Super Float at Mardi Gras World

As everyone preps their costumes for Halloween, one group of New Orleans revelers are getting little further ahead in their festival planning. Mardi Gras World hosted a press conference today for the Krewe of Endymion to unveil a surprise addition to next year’s ride through Mid City; the Krewe’s “Pontchartrain Beach Then and Now” super float will roll at an unprecedented 330 ft., broken up into 10 individual pieces with the capacity to hold 230 riders. Of course, the Krewe will have throws to match.

NoDef Nods: Weird

11 Strange News Bits of '11

In a city where Do Whatcha Wanna is the mantra, it's no surprise to see odd developments breaking all over the place. Around here, the news of the weird is not simply a chance to laugh at strange things happening to normal people. It also has implications on real-life concerns, like politics and Mardi Gras. So, in no particular order, here's our list of 2011's outliers. It's no surprise that between the lines of this rundown is the story of the Year As It Was. Open wide:

Nods and Ends: Lieutenant Gov Candidates Dial Mardi Gras World, LSU Sports

When it comes to endorsements, the rotary club just won't do for the two Republicans running for lieutenant governor. Billy Nungesser, the challenger for the state's no. 2 post, has gone country and he's gone Costner. But earnest folksiness and the enviroment (specifically: water) will only go so far in this state. So, with the campaign against Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne entering the stretch run, the campaign wheeled out the original Mr. Mardi Gras, Blaine Kern, Sr. But it ain't even Twelfth Night yet so forget the floats. Kern's dynamite endorsement comes in front of a Saints helmet! Video and Dardenne gets his own celeb after the jump.

Judge Ousts Mr. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras World founder and resident impresario Blaine Kern has been relegated to man in the moon status. A judge ruled today that Mr. Mardi Gras would have to turn over operations of his company to his son, Barry Kern. The transfer of power atop Carnival is the result of the elder Kern's apparent lack of follow through on an agreement that was hammered out last fall to keep the dream of Carnival 2011 alive. Federal judge Kern Reese also called for an immediate shareholders meeting to be held in the wake of the news. Shareholders were rumored to be upset about this, as there was little time to prepare a costume.

Mardi Gras World Still Turns

When Mardi Gras was on the line and the captains of three superkrewes were at the table, the old man and his son were able to settle their differences. But, apparently, the dispute that took Mardi Gras World off its axis is still churning. Carnival float impresario Barry Kern, son of Mardi Gras World founder and original float impresario, Blaine Kern, recently filed his second lawsuit against his dad in less than a year. The younger Kern claims his father failed to live up to his end of a bargain the pair struck to keep the family company afloat.

Mardi Gras World Back on its Axis

It took three superkrewes, but father and son Blaine and Barry Kern have apparently patched up their differences in a mere four days. Before the obligatory male bonding excursion to hunt squirrels, the founder and heir-apparent of floatmaking empire Blaine Kern Enterprises did what all fathers and sons do to make up: They held a press conference to announce the son's decision to terminate a lawsuit that was filed to oust his father from the family business. The younger Kern will get to retain his seat as president of the company, and he'll presumably have to save his resentment of his 83-year-old father's 34-year-old wife for the couch. Best of all, Mardi Gras isn't ruined, and a Krewe du Vieux subkrewe hard up for ideas just struck gold!

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