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Defender Picks


Life in the Pie Car

Ringling Bros. Chef Talks About Cooking and Circus Life

When Matt Loory was born, his grandfather, executive vice-president of the Cable News Network, began grooming him for a life on TV. But despite many familial ties to the industry, Loory decided to strike out on his own— a decision that eventually led him to become the head chef for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. 

Czarist Whims

Invincible Czars Bring 1812 Overture, Indoor Picnic Under the Big Top

There won't be cannons on Clio Street Saturday, but the Invincible Czars are aiming to load plenty of patriotic pre-gaming festivities into the Big Top.

Saturday Ba-Czar

Napoleonic Picnic Celebrates 200th Anniversary of 1812 Overture

This Saturday, powder your wigs, shine your boots and get out your white hats, 'cause CL-10 is heading back to the Napoleonic front. And, there will be food.

Today in New Orleans: 9.06.12

Today, Twilight actor Gavin Bristol hosts a special comedy night at The New Movement a holocaust survivor comes to the National WWII museam and a mixture of synth, brass, gypsy jazz comes to local clubs. On this day in Louisiana history, jazz pioneer Charles “Buddy” Bolden was born (1877). Considered by many to be the originator of jazz, he was once described by Jelly Roll Morton as “the blowingest man since Gabriel”! Here's how we talk up today:

Local Rock Clubs Get Creepy Fest

by Mary-Devon Dupuy

Lovers of the macabre and the counter-culture should mark their calendars this week. It’s Creepy Fest in the Big Easy, and local bands are fanning out from July 11-15 (note that includes Friday the 13th) and filling bars with gore, horror, and of course, punk rock. From tonight on, the Hi-Ho, the Circle Bar, The Big Top, Siberia, Saturn Bar, and Checkpoint Charlie’s are taking turns hosting the city’s creepiest acts.

Chewbacchus Chic: Intergalactic Krewe's Fashion Show to Strut on the Spacewalk

by Brad Rhines

Expect the Big Top to look more like the Mos Eisley Cantina this weekend, as the sci fi-curious members of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus are set to step out with “Set Your Phasers to Stunning,” a fashion show for the Queen Amidala in all of us. The Mardi Gras krewe's coming-out event gives krewe members a chance to show off their costumes, and provides an opportunity for the rest of NOLA’s drunken nerds to join in on the fun. With a bigger, longer, more prominent Krewe of Chewbacchus on tap for the Feb. 18 march, even the inahabitants of the Outer Rim and Bayous of Dagobah are expressing an interest in coming into town early for the show.

New Orleans Craft Mafia's Last Stop Shop Shakes Down Big Top Tonight

by Jeffrey Hill

Need a gift idea? There's a mafia for that. With Christmas less than two weeks away, last-minute shoppers are once again invited to the New Orleans Craft Mafia’s 6th Annual Last Stop Shop this Thursday from 6 to 10pm at the Big Top Gallery (1638 Clio). Shoppers can expect to find a variety of unique and handmade gifts made by local artists and craft enthusiasts. All current members of the Craft Mafia will be participating at this year’s holiday craft fair including favorites like Miss Malaprop, art by mags!, and Green Kangaroo.

Krewe of Chewbacchus Takes the Kessel Run to Christmas in Tatooine

Following the success from their inaugural march during Mardi Gras Stardate 2011, the Intergalactic Krewe of Chubacchus will be hosting a holiday celebration Friday December 9th titled “Christmas in Tatooine” at The Big Top, 3 Ring Circus Arts Education Center, 1638 Cilo Street. Everyone from Vulcans to Jedi Masters are encouraged to attend and dance the night away to tunes by The Green Demons + Eat A Happy Holidick. Along with a fully stocked cantina, festivities will also include an art auction and raffle as well as low-cost, high-tech tattoos. Doors open at 8 and there will be a $10 cover for nonmembers and $5 for members.

Today's Events: 9.6.11

September 6, when the Puritans set sail from Plymouth, England on the Mayflower (1620), when the Puritans settled Salem, (1928), when Henry David Thoreau left Walden Pond to move in with Ralph Waldo Emerson (1847), when nine Israeli athletes were murdered during the Munich Olympic Games, when Russia’s second largest city is renamed Saint Petersburg after being named Leningrad in 1924 (1991), and when Princess Diana’s funeral was held in London (1997); it’s Foxy Brown’s birthday (1979), and Tom Fogerty's death (1990).

Killer Films Likely at 48 Hour Film Project

That old feeling that you are in a movie is even more likely than usual to be true this weekend. No less than 500 filmmakers will take to the streets to create a movie as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. The competition kicks off at Big Top Gallery on CL-10 tomorrow at 7 p.m., and closes out Sunday at 7 p.m.

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