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Defender Picks


Today in NOLA: 7.26.14

Roller derby and classic rock at UNO tonight—or, a fun people-watching game known as Big Easy Rollergirls Enthusiast Or Steely Dan Devotee? Plus, a banned Iranian film at the Zeitgeist and two modern pieces at the Marigny Opera house. On other side of the Gulf, today’s date recalls the 26th of July Movement, the revolutionary guerrillas Fidel Castro led to power in Cuba. More details tonight:

Big Easy Rollergirls Ditch Wheels for Dance-Off (PHOTOS)

by Brandon Robert
The Big Easy Rollergirls have a busy offseason, and it includes more than scrimmages. BERG hosted this year's Solid Gold Dance-Off last night at the Eiffel Society. Proceeds went to the Audubon Institute. The Camel Toe Lady Steppers took third place, the Nola Cherry Bombs took second, and the Star-Steppin' Cosmonaughties came in first place for the second year in a row.  

Big Easy Rollergirls Host Project Derby (PHOTOS)

by Brandon Robert

On Saturday, the Big Easy Rollergirls hosted the last New Orleans Project Derby before the start of their upcoming season in three weeks.  Project Derby gives all skaters, regardless of team affiliation, a chance to practice with and scrimmage BERG's AllStars.

Crescent vs. Cajun (PHOTOS)

Crescent Wenches vs. Cajun Rollergirls

The Crescent Wenches lost to the fellow Louisiana derby team, the Cajun Rollergirls, on Saturday, September 21. The final score was 237-146, making it a relatively close bout. Brandon Robert captured the action. 

Roller Recap (PHOTOS)

Big Easy Rollergirls Squash Atlanta Rumble Bees

On Saturday, August 24, the Atlanta Rumble Bees tried unsuccessfully to buzz past the Big Easy Rollergirls on their own NOLA turf. BERG won 230 to 144, and Brandon Robert captured some of the most rough-and-tumble moments of the bout. 

Crescent Wenches Roll Circles Around Penscola Gurlz (PHOTOS)

Photos by Brandon Robert, Written by Thomas Mattera 

Despite a game effort from their Floridian guests, the ladies of the Crescent Wenches roller derby squad earned a huge win Saturday night in front of a raucous crowd at UNO Lakefront Arena. The final score was 256-117 to the home squad.

Bout Clout: Big Easy Rollergirls (PHOTOS)

Big Easy All Stars, Crescent Wenches Set to Take On Texas Rollergirls, Bonesaw Bruisers

Tucked away in an unassuming, unmarked warehouse, the Big Easy Rollergirls practice for this weekend’s big bouts.  The AllStars are on a 7-game winning streak, while the Crescent Wenches, due to scheduling conflicts, will finally play their first bout since March.

Double Derby

Alt Sports Update

Alt Sports were in full force this weekend as the RollerGirls battled Mississippi, and Pinewood Derby returned for a third week. NOLA Defender was there to capture all the details.

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