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Defender Picks


Mike Love, Brian Wilson, John Stamos Get Together at JazzFest for Beach Boys' 50th Anniversary

FAIR GROUNDS -- Living members of the original Beach Boys reunited to play at Jazz Fest Friday, and the good news is that even as the band gets further on in years, the hits are still intact. From "Barbara Ann" to "Help Me Rhonda" to, yes, that Pet Sounds song "God Only Knows," the tunes Brian Wilson penned can still light a feel-good time under a crowd that's gearing up for two weeks of music that mostly came after them.

A Handful of JazzFest: Five to Watch on Day 1

Lather up and pack your folding chair. The day has finally arrived when the cubes become reality. The 2012 edition of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is upon us. Each day of Fest, we'll start things off with five highlights from the schedule that we think are worth watching. Today's picks include mid-afternoon Afrobeat, true Zydeco and why you should learn to love the Beach Boys reunion. And away we go:

Hola Nola: Vol. XXI



Hola Nola, and unfortunately, Hola the new oil leak in Barataria Bay, just south of NOLA. 

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