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Bayou Corne Sinkhole Turns Two

NoDef Visits the 'Danger Zone'

Photos by Daniel Paschall 

On the second anniversary of the Bayou Corne sinkhole's formation, taking stock of what's still bubbling up.

Sinkhole Settlement: Texas Brine, Residents Reach Out-of-Court Agreement

The company responsible for the Bayou Corne sinkhole reached a settlement with property owners Wednesday. The $48.1 million settlement includes buyouts for individuals who were displaced when an underground salt cavern failed and swallowed a swath of land that has grown to 29 acres.

Bayou Corne Sinkhole Burps, Swallows Trees (VIDEO)

The Assumption Parish sinkhole was quiet for a couple months, but the spring has brought feeding time to Bayou Corne. Over the last week, the 29-acre sinkhole has recorded two "slough-in" events that pulled previously above-ground areas of Earth down to the depths.

Green Army's First March

Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré Leads Enivro Group Aiming to Influence Legislature

Retired Lieutenant General Russell Honoré got famous after Katrina for restoring a semblance of order to the streets of New Orleans.  Mayor C. Ray Nagin called him “one John Wayne dude,” and he was branded “the Ragin’ Cajun” for his bravado.

Hungry Sinkhole Swallows More Trees

The Assumption Parish sinkhole continues to grow, and it seems the one-year-old needs more trees to feed its appetite. Workers continue to be on alert as a series of seismic events have been recorded around the Bayou Corne site. Work was halted at the sinkhole Monday after the one-year old slurry area swallowed up whole trees. The latest event was a little more sneaky than two incidents last week that were caught on camera.

Sinkhole Burp Caught on Cam

While the one-year-old Bayou Corne sinkhole's first burp wasn't caught on film, officials who have seen it grow up to the big boy size of 24 acres finally had the camera out at the right time this week. On Tuesday, monitoring showed an increase in shaking underneath the sinkhole, according to Assumption Parish officials. By Thursday, the 25-acre site had to let out some gas.

Sinkhole Turns 1, State Sues Texas Brine

After a year of gassy surprises and the occasional water event, the Assumption Parish sinkhole turns one year old on Saturday. Since the area near Bayou Corne first began to slur, it's grown from five to about 24 acres. With the likes of Erin Brockovich passing by, there's been no shortage of legal eagles soaring into the slurry area, but the state decided to make good on all the promises of legal action and file a lawsuit just in time for the anniversary.

Sinkhole Saga: What Berms Never Returns

Up in Assumption Parish, the sinkhole continues to shake from the deep. Along with trees, the slurry area is also working on swallowing a berm in the most recent incident on Bayou Corne.

Sinkhole Swallows Access Ramp

Despite geting attention from Bobby Jindal last week, the eight-month-old Assumption Parish sinkhole is getting to the age where it can't be left alone for long. The massive slurry area near Bayou Corne was shaking with hunger for more land this week. Instead of just trees and land, the sinkhole also swallowed the access ramp to the disaster area.

Jindal's Sinkhole Visit Churns Up Oily Memories

Nearly nine months after the Assumption Parish sinkhole appeared near Bayou Corne, Gov. Bobby Jindal visited the site of the slurry mess and displaced residents on Tuesday. During the appearance, the gov reiterated points that he made last week about buyouts for residents, and planning in case a second nearby cavern starts to give way. But it seems rolling up his sleeves back home in the bayous of Louisiana may have also made the governor nostalgic. As Jindal told it at an afternoon press conference, the Sinkhole Saga suddenly started to have hints of the Big Oozy.

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