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Defender Picks


Particle Devotion

The Louisiana-Bred Band Talks Southern Sounds

It’s unfortunately easy for the Baton Rouge music scene to be overshadowed by the rich musical history of New Orleans. Though the Crescent City is the birthplace for many of the country's most legendary performers, the Boot's capitol is seriously gaining ground for its artistic outputs. One local band is making it their mission the bridge the gap between these two cities, while thinking ahead for eventual word domination. 

Justice Dept. Announces No Charges Against Officers Responsible for Alton Sterling’s Death

As NoDef reported on Tuesday (5.2), The Department of Justice announced today that the two Baton Rouge officers involved in the death of Alton Sterling in July 2016 will not face federal charges. 

Cop Killers of Alton Sterling Will Not Face Charges, Report Says

This summer will mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Alton Sterling. The Baton Rouge resident was shot and killed by police on July 5th by two local police officers, in an incident that inspired protests and marches throughout the country. On Tuesday (5.2) afternoon, it was reported that the Justice Department will not file charges against the two Baton Rouge police officers, who shot Sterling several times at short range.

What NOLA Listens To (on Spotify)

Spotify has put together a very vague survey about the listening habits of New Orleanians. As unscientific as the piece is, it’s still pretty interesting. Spotify looked at what is “distinctive” in New Orleans and discovered that hip-hop rules the roost.

Trump Swings in the Red Stick

The antiestablishment refrains were there also. “Politicians are all talk and no actions. These politicians — the blood suckers, I call them the blood suckers — we’ve got to get rid of them.”

More Morrell?

In one of this political cycle’s less controversial moments, J.P. Morrell announced that he will seek reelection as Louisiana State Senator for District 3. Morrell has held that seat since winning a special election in December 2008.

Red Flags in the Red Stick

Government and business leaders were supposed to gather in Baton Rouge and officially open IBM’s National Service Center today. Unfortunately, red ribbons were replaced by red flags in the Red Stick. Instead of pomp, IBM cancelled the event after coming to odds with Governor Jindal over gay rights.

Abortion Tug of War

Judge Issues Injunction, States Across the 5th Grapple With New Restrictions

Federal Judge John deGravelle of Baton Rouge issued a temporary injunction on Monday (9.1), limiting full enforcement of Louisiana's Unsafe Abortion Act. Enforcement of the law could result in the abrupt closure of abortion clinics across the state. While Louisiana doctors must continue to seek hospital admitting privileges, similar laws have been struck down in Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. The struggle over abortion rights in the Gulf South is nowhere near over.

Protesters March from Grand Isle to Governor's Mansion

by Chris Staudinger

Protests continue in the wake of the passage of SB469.  A group began a 155-mile walk from Grand Isle over the weekend. They expect to make about twenty miles each day and reach Baton Rouge at 1pm on Saturday, June 29.  Under the moniker “Flood into Baton Rouge,” the group has collected two gallons of water from the Gulf of Mexico and will carry them on their backs to the Governor’s mansion.

Anti-Abortion Bill Passes Final House Vote

An anti-abortion bill that could potentially result in the closure of many of the state's abortion clinics passed the La. House Wednesday. Rep. Katrina Jackson’s (D-Monroe) HB 388, the “Unsafe Abortion Act,” passed a final House vote 88-5. The legislation now requires only Bobby Jindal’s signature to become law.

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