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Defender Picks


Election Selection

Ballot for October 24th

Early voting has begun, but most Louisianans will visit the ballot box on Saturday (10.24). The gubernatorial race is snagging the headlines, but there are plenty of other choices to make. On a local front, there is a BESE seat up for grabs and residents will decide whether to create a special sales tax in the French Quarter. Know before you go! Cick on through for a look at the ballot.

Early Voting Begins Today

Louisiana’s “jungle primary” means that citizens will likely have to wait several months until they know who their next governor is. However, the election finally begins today. For those who don't want to wait until October 24th to cast a ballot, early voting begins today in Orleans Parish. Four locations, including City Hall, are open. 

Election Selection Dec. 6

National news coverage of Election Day has long since yielded to the Holiday Frenzy. However, on Saturday (12.06,) voters in Louisiana will head to the polls. The race for U.S. Senate is the marquis attraction. However, in Orleans parish, voters will be deciding on two judges and an education millage as well. Know before you go! Cick on through for a look at the ballot.

Election Selection

A Sample Ballot for Orleans Parish

Early voting begins in one week (10.21) and campaign ads are becoming unavoidable. It’s election time in Louisiana. In the weeks ahead, NoDef will provide in-depth analysis of the candidates and issues that voters will decide at the polls. Today, we begin with the basics, the ballot.

Election Wrap Up: Clerk of Court Talks Ballot Counting, Absentee Votes

If you’re feeling fatigued today, it’s likely because you stayed up late, anxiously awaiting the results of last night’s local elections. Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell held a press conference today to shine some light on the lengthy voting process, hoping to assuage those who imagined city officials dilly dallying into the wee hours of the morning. Morrell also answered a litany of questions about how the military ballots to be delivered Saturday could affect the outcome of a variety of local issues, specifically the contentious toll bridge extension.

Toll Dance

Voters Get Say on Whether to Keep Crescent City Connection Tolls

The bell tolls for fees that drivers pay while heading across the Mississippi River into New Orleans on the Crescent City Connection, but a question appearing on Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines ballots could continue the tolls on that stretch of road for another 20 years.

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