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Defender Picks


Horoscopes for Week of August 14th

Rest. As the moon wanes in preparation for a new moon, energies seem to wane right along with it. We can resist, grinding ourselves down until we are too exhausted to do much of anything, or we can follow the example of a much older, much wiser source of light in the world. If the moon is resting and turning inward this is a good time to do the same.

Horoscopes for Week of August 7th

Our dreams have us in their grip and will not let us go easily. Not during Leo season, and certainly not while the north node of the moon transits Leo and all but demands we let our light shine, no matter how seemingly little. The potent Leo themes of this year are neither casual or ethereal—not when transformational Uranus and fearless Eris are involved. With Uranus supporting the north node’s nudges, you may have found that particularly since may, jobs, friends, lovers, and habits that are not aligned with your highest purpose have been getting shaken up by Uranus’ and Eris’ give no fucks / turn the table over / set the office on fire antics. By no means is this easy, but as I said last week, Uranus’ blessings are usually best seen in hindsight.

Horoscopes for Week of July 24th

Trust your process.

Take it day by day (step by step).


You are in a relationship with your most divine self whether you realize it or not. And that divine self nudges, pokes, prods, and slaps you from time to time (or all the time) so you can make it to them. Let that sink in for a moment. Whether you call it the universe, your future selves, your ancestors, and/or this or that god(ess) there are powers greater than you supporting your journey.


Horoscopes for Week of July 17th

Allow Cancer’s waters to heal you before we enter Leo season. If you are ready to check out, tired of all the naps, done with the unchecked flow of emotions, I implore you, stay present in it for one more week, the healing potential is worth the discomfort. For all the feels, Cancer is a powerful healer and conjurer. Cancer’s waters can hold immense emotional space for you, and if there is something you are ready to release, something you do not need with you any longer, pause and ask Cancer to take it away in their waters as they leave the spotlight to make room for Leo.


Horoscopes for Week of July 10th

Asteroid Eris, goddess of war, sits on our shoulders and spits fire at our transgressors this week. Eris is associated with wrath and jealousy, but that read is far too basic for this being, whose righteous pettiness started the Trojan War. People may see Eris as the parts of us that cause drama and disarray for ’no reason,’ but Eris is also the part of us that informs others, beyond a shadow of a doubt, “this is what you are NOT going to do.” 


Horoscopes for Week of July 3rd

If there is one thing you do this week leading up to Saturday’s full moon in regal Capricorn, make time to feel yourself. dance in the mirror, post a bomb selfie, masturbate, give yourself a massage…for real, feel yourself.


This full moon ain’t no joke and i will get into all of that, but the real magic this moon is offering us is to turn ourselves on to our own power to be the major authorities in our lives. 


Horoscopes for Week of June 26th

Neptune continues to shower us with its magic this week and we have a beautiful opportunity to begin manifesting the work that has come up over the last few days since the new moon in Cancer. Whether you set an intention or not, allow what you feel passionate about and what is on your mind to guide you, your instinct is more on point than any astrologer could be.


Astro Forecast: New Moon in Cancer

Brave Enough to Do the Work of Getting Free

Friday’s New Moon occurs in Cancer at 9:32PM CDT. Cancer calls for compassionate interpersonal connections, room for drama, holding space for our feels, tenderness, honoring our ancestors, and connecting with our intuitions. Cancer is one of the major healers of the zodiac and is one of the major leaders of the zodiac. Things tend to pop off when it comes to Cancer, and this New Moon does not disappoint in that regard.


Horosocopes for Week of June 19th

This week we bloom in the abundant daylight of summer solstice. We attune to Mother Nature and her bounty and unite, even if for a moment, with vibrations that call us to shine and be free. It is in Cancer’s amniotic waters that we find the divine power to (re)birth ourselves into the primal perfection that runs deep within us, that perfection we cannot shake even if we try. It is in the sun’s vibrant light we fully let go of winter and step into our most radiant selves.

Horoscopes for Week of June 12th

Neptune transiting Pisces, and there until 2025, is not to be taken lightly. Neptune in Pisces reminds us that there is a divinity/god/higher power worth surrendering to. Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces reminds us that we need to honor that same divinity which flows within us if we are to experience external shifts that allow us to step into our power more and more. 

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