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Defender Picks



August 5th

Wet Hot American Summer
Gasa Gasa, 9p.m.
The summer camp cult comedy classic


Good Old War
HOB, 11p.m.
Indie band from Philly


The Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Snug Harbor, 10p.m.
Directed by Delfeayo Marsalis


Noontime Talk with Mel Buchanan
NOMA, 12p.m.
A Louisiana Parlor: Antebellum Taste & Context talk


The Tribe
Zeitgeist, 7p.m.
Delve into the world of a Ukrainian high school for the deaf

Bandits Hit Bywater Bodega Again

Jimmy’s Corner Grocery (4201 Dauphine Street) is revered in the Bywater for supplying late night necessities to locals. However, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) reported that in the early hours of Tuesday (8.04) morning, the neighborhood institution was the victim of an attempted armed robbery.

Suspect Sought in Palmer Park Mugging

One thief did not quite realize that in the digital age Big Brother is always watching. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) is looking for a suspect who is accused of mugging a woman and then using her plastic to fill up his SUV minutes later.

Pair of Marigny Muggings Overnight

The Marigny Rectangle was the scene of two muggings overnight. The New Orleans Police Department’s (NOPD) Major Offense Log (MOL) reports two armed robberies close to midnight in the booming neighborhood.

Tossed in the Supermarket: Man Clashes With Security Guard, Robs Rouse's

Making groceries is just not enough for some people. At the Rouse’s at North Carrollton Avenue, one man wanted all the greens also. He wasn’t talking about the collard variety. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) says that a robber made off with over eight grand on Thursday (7.17) night.

4:20 Robbery Off Bourbon

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) did not specify the reason that two men ducked off Bourbon Street at 4:20a.m. on the night of early Thursday (7.16) morning. However, authorities do contend that the meeting did not end safely; rather it concluded with an armed robbery.

R-Bar Robbery

Updated 6.03.15

Cops on souped-up golf-carts aside, summer always brings crime.  Early Tuesday (6.02) morning, two men were robbed at gunpoint at the R Bar (1431 Royal Street) according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). Other sources describe the incident as set down the block from popular drinkery.

Marigny Mugging Off of Frenchmen

It’s not just the prices on Frenchmen that have escalated in the post HBO era. The area around the Street is seeing an uptick in crime. Police say that on Friday (5.23) a man was mugged just a block off the booming entertainment strip.

Hamburglar Helper: Suspects Nabbed After McD's Trip

McDonald’s may be garnering mixed press about their hipster reboot of the Hamburglar, but a purchase at McDonald’s helped the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) track down two suspects. The Eighth District now have two men in custody on charges of Armed Robbery.

Busy Time for Crime in Bywater

Rising property values did nothing to deter crime in the Bywater on Saturday (5.17) and Sunday (5.18) morning. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) are investigating three crimes over a 24 hour span in the neighborhood.

Graduation Party Stickup

Graduation is often accompanied by grousing about money spent and debts incurred. The dough was a bit more poignant at a graduation party by UNO on Saturday (5.16) morning. Authorities say that one graduation fete was the scene of a stickup.

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